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LaLiga SmartBank: Victor: “The dismissal of Malaga is unworthy” | sports


Victor, before his press conference. In video, the former coach of Malaga describes his dismissal as "unfair" and "unworthy." PHOTO: JON NAZCA (REUTERS) | VIDEO: ATLAS

Víctor Sánchez del Amo offered his version of the events that have been triggered after the dissemination of a video of a sexual nature, which caused his dismissal as coach of Malaga and the opening of an investigation by the Police following the complaint made by the preparer. The former Málaga coach announced an extensive statement. Victor thanked the support received from the fans, the world of football and its players. "Some have made me cry," said Victor, who nevertheless showed hard with the attitude of Malaga and his reaction after the broadcast of the video. “Our dismissal from Malaga is absolutely unfair. First they separated me from the team to investigate the facts, by the press conference prior to the Oviedo match and by the dissemination of the video. They didn't even ask for me or my family, ”said the coach. “I understand that they don't love me and I tell them to pay me until the last day worked (Victor has a contract until June). I am not going to rate the answer. They invite me to give up part of the salary already worked. It seems unworthy, ”said Victor. “Then, they say they want to control my communication about everything that happened. That to me is unquestionable. I will not accept that my freedom of expression is controlled in any way, ”he added.

“Once I receive that unacceptable proposal, I tell them that I want to continue. That they return me to my job, which I wanted to be with my players and coaching staff to prepare for Tuesday's game. The club's response was the immediate letter of dismissal, ”he said. Victor, accompanied by his lawyer, confirmed that he would take legal action to defend himself for what he considers a violation of his rights. In addition, the coach gave details about the police investigation that is being developed after the complaint made by him for the dissemination without his consent to the sex video. “There are two parts of crime, one the creation that corresponds to these gangster gangs. They find voluntary or involuntary collaborators in the field of dissemination, which is also a crime. I am tremendously overwhelmed to see the news that 700 profiles are investigated for spreading that content without my consent. My head escapes, where are we going? What are social networks becoming? ”Said the coach.

“I ask for maximum respect for my privacy and for the affectation it may have for my family, also to favor and not harm the investigations. In line with this matter, I want to make some reflection. It is a subject of maximum gravity. We are talking about crimes whose victims reach suicide situations, ”continued Victor, who explained the reasons why he did not accept the blackmail he was subjected to. He was asked for 20,000 euros in exchange for not spreading the video. “I have decided not to access that blackmail because I would feel that I am empowering these bands that are behind. In me they will not find a person who sidesteps to encourage this crime. I encourage anyone who suffers this crime to go to the Police immediately, who does an impressive job, ”said the coach.

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