Entertainment Lamis Al-Hadidi to Rania Youssef: If your daughter was...

Lamis Al-Hadidi to Rania Youssef: If your daughter was accidentally inoculated and remained pregnant, will you work?


The star, Rania Youssef, said that the series, “Miss Farah”, deals with a woman’s issue of mistakenly vaccinating a girl and she becomes “pregnant” while she is a virgin.

The media asked Lamis Al-Hadidi a question. What if he happens with your daughters, will you work? .. Rania replied: “To God’s will, it is possible that it will happen … I will do as much as I have done, exactly … and with my love of children, I have no problem … and I open a nursery.

She added, during her dialogue with the media Lamees Al-Hadidi, on her “Cairo Now” program, broadcast on the “Al-Hadath” channel: “My daughters did not disappoint me in need, and did not bind me to my final, and feared Ali Zali and we are companions … and their relationship with their father, Muhammad Mukhtar, cut from 10 years and build On his will .. He does not spend on his daughters .. And by his words, our Lord takes care of the children .. The problem is that I work, so he says to Chile while he is satisfied that I will spend them well .. And there must remain a law for those who neglect his children.

She explained: “I love Souad Hosni in” I think of Zouzou “.. Faten Hamama in” Our Lady of the Palace “and Shadia in” The Unknown Woman “.. The clothes are part of the” media show “for the actor ..” and my daughters choose me the most recent “.. and I love what Enter the place of the people. You see me and look at me .. My ex-husbands tried to use me as a media tip and everyone saw me from the outside .. And my second marriage: “It was mud fluff.”

And serial Farah “tells the story of a girl who was raised by her grandmother Jojo (Arfa Abdel Rasoul) to keep her virginity until her marriage date, and not to become like her mother Dida (Rania Youssef), and they entered into family crises .. During the episode Farah faced her first struggle, which is Tariq’s telling (Muhammad Kilani) her fiancée on the matter, to see during the events of the series his reaction, and how Farah will deal with the fetus in the upcoming episodes.

The series “Miss Farah”, starring Rania Youssef and Asma Abu Al Yazid, is adapted from the famous American comedy series.Jane The Virgin , Which met with great success and wide resonances after showing all his seasons, especially as it includes many humanitarian, emotional and romantic issues .

The series has been nominated Jane the Virgin For the Golden Globe Award as the best American series, and his hero also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, besides receiving the award for the best series in prizes. AFI American, plus more than 10 awards and 65 nominations.

It is noteworthy that the series “Miss Farah” starring stars Asma Abu Al Yazid, Rania Youssef, Ahmed Magdy, Mohamed Kilani, Arefah Abdel Rasoul, Heba Abdel Aziz and Tamer Farag, screenplay and dialogue by Mahmoud Ezzat and Amr Medhat, and directed by Ahmed El Gendy and Wael Farag.



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