L’Amsperluète de Chartres publishes its dating program… and there are a few surprises

The program of meetings with the authors, at the Ampersand in Chartres, Interrupted since the works, will resume at the start of the school year.

Everything is not yet completely set, but some dates have already been announced. The first appointment on the calendar is set for September 17 at 4 p.m., with the arrival of Nicolas Ragougneauwho will present his latest novel, Palimpsestpublished by Viviane-Hamy.

Three questions about the works at the Ampersand, the Chartres bookshop

Not to be missed either, the coming of Pauline Delabroy-Allard, October 7. The author, revealed in 2018 thanks to her first novel, It tells Sarahwill present his second book, Who knows??. An exciting quest for identity that is both controlled and unpredictable.

premium Works at the Amsperluète bookstore in Chartres: “We will let in natural light”

A few days later, on October 22, the Ampersand will organize what is similar to the autumn event: a day devoted to the poetry of Patti Smith.

Revealed in 1975 thanks to her album Horses, the American singer, unconditional admirer of Charles Baudelaire, has completely changed the way of composing rock lyrics. His work will be presented by the bookseller Nicolas Gruszkiewicz. Will the rock-star move in person to defend his lyrics? Mystery…

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Remi Bonnet