Lana Del Rey and Sean Larkin are no longer a couple. The police officer, known for the program Live PD, says Thursday in conversation with The New York Times that he still has contact with the singer.

“At the moment we are only friends. We are still talking to each other, but we have too busy schedules,” said Larkin.

Del Rey confirmed to have a relationship with Larkin in October 2019 after the two were photographed together. They got to know each other while working in New York and according to Larkin it clicked immediately.

According to Larkin, the two did “ordinary things people do in a relationship.” They visited each other in Los Angeles, where Del Rey lives, and Tulsa, where Larkin lives. According to Larkin, 46, his daughters were very impressed that their father was in a relationship with the 34-year-old singer.

Del Rey was previously with musician Barrie-James O’Neill and rapper G-Eazy.


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