Land purchase agreement in Bockenem

In order for a property purchase contract to be legally effective, it must be certified by a notary by law. By the notary making a certification, legal security is guaranteed for all contracting parties. In this way, everyone involved can be guaranteed that the agreements made have been correctly recorded in the contract and that the desired result will be achieved after the contract has been completed. Michael Schulz Lawyer and notary will advise you on the drafting of contracts. According to the contractual agreements, a draft is made, which is then certified with all parties involved in the contract.

Rest of the procedure

All parts of the contract must be certified by a notary according to the BGB (German Civil Code).
After an online inspection of the land register, we can obtain the exact property data. This gives you the certainty that the seller is listed in the land register as the rightful owner. In addition, we also take care of the control of permits, cancellation permits and official approvals for registered property liens. This ensures that the purchase price only has to be paid as soon as it is possible for the change of ownership to take place unencumbered and legally secure. In addition, we take on all the necessary tasks in the course of processing the purchase contract for the property so that the land charge is deleted. For this purpose we will contact the bank of record and we will request that the cancellation documentation be sent. If the loan has been successfully repaid, this will be confirmed by the bank. The financial institution can then issue the deletion permit. If the loan is paid by the purchase price payment, the bank may issue a cancellation permit under a fiduciary condition. We will then ensure that the required amount is paid from the purchase price. This gives us the opportunity to make use of the deletion permit. In order to secure the future ownership status of a buyer in Bockenem, Michael Schulz, a lawyer and notary public, enters a notice of conveyance immediately after signing the purchase contract. The transfer in the land register is requested after the purchase price has been paid. Once we have received notification from the land registry that the title deed and all necessary registrations have been completed in accordance with the terms of the contract, we can send the buyer a title deed showing ownership.

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