Land Rover has introduced the new generation Range Rover

Land Rover has unveiled the new Range Rover at the Royal Opera House in London. The new generation model provides even more sophistication, as well as an unprecedented scope of personalization.

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In the new “Range Rover” you can find references to previous generations – a sloping roof line, a strong, strongly emphasized waist line, as well as an upward threshold line.

The characteristic short front overhang, formal-style front end, massive windshield struts and rear yacht-style rear section that narrows from the top are the key elements that define the range of the Range Rover.

Flat-panel elements and tight joints are the hallmarks of the new Range Rover, and the technologies that have enabled such design have contributed to an advanced look that looks as if it were made in one piece; the window panes are flush with the body panels, the window sills are hidden and the laser-welded joints with the roof are completely invisible. The taillights, which only become visible when lit, are also an essential element of the new design and will become a hallmark of the Range Rover.

The new Range Rover SV was also unveiled at the Royal Opera House, which, when launched in 2022, will give customers even more opportunities to create a truly individual car.

Additional design versions of the SV Serenity and SV Intrepid will offer a two-tone contrasting interior finish, while the luxurious four-seater SV Signature Suite will feature functional enhancements such as an electric sliding table and refrigerator.

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This hand-assembled model will be the first car of the brand to carry the new ceramic “SV” emblem and implement a naming strategy, and will be known simply as the “Range Rover SV”. This “SV” logo will further highlight all new Land Rover cars manufactured by the Special Vehicle Operations division.

The new Range Rover is the first model based on Land Rover’s new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA-Flex).

MLA-Flex provides the option of installing internal combustion engines, a rechargeable hybrid system and 100% electric drive. This platform represents Land Rover’s next step in a simplified architectural strategy to provide more powerplant customization.

The new Range Rover is available with light hybrid and rechargeable hybrid powertrains, as well as with four, five or seven seats in both standard and extended wheelbase versions. The electric version of the Range Rover – the first 100% electric Land Rover – will be added to the model family in 2024.

The 100% electric new Range Rover will be the first of the upcoming Land Rover electric cars. Each model of this brand will be available in a 100% electric version by the end of the decade, enabling the Jaguar Land Rover to achieve zero CO2 emissions throughout the product, production and supply chain by 2039.

The new Range Rover Rechargeable Hybrid (PHEV) delivers CO2 emissions below 30g / km and up to 100 km (WLTP cycle) in pure electric mode. In real conditions, it will be possible to cover up to 80 km in 100% electric mode – enough for typical Range Rover customers to run 75 percent of their routes on electricity alone.

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The new Range Rover provides intuitive voice control with an integrated Amazon Alexa assistant. With natural voice commands, the customer can control everything from the favorite functions of the multimedia system and the selection of songs to the navigation settings and the phone’s contact list.

Range Rover’s inherent capabilities are provided by Land Rover’s advanced Chassis Control system. The all-wheel steering system provides better stability at high speeds and the smallest turning radius among all Land Rover models. The Electronic Air Suspension, on the other hand, responds proactively to the road ahead with eHorizon navigation data. The new Dynamic Response Pro technology provides fast-reacting electronic tilt control for increased stability.

The design and construction of the new fifth-generation Range Rover has been developed in the UK and will be produced exclusively at Land Rover’s Solihala plant – the historic home of Range Rover – on a new and modern production line. The investment in the plant will allow all modifications of the new Range Rover to be mounted on one production line – from the light hybrid version to 100% electric.

The first new generation “Range Rover” cars will enter the Latvian market in April next year.