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Landtag election in Bavaria: How the issue of refugees has split the CSU too

Many people who help asylum seekers in Bavaria are disappointed by the politics of the CSU. Visiting a woman who left the party after 44 years.

In October 2015 Angelika Burwick handed it over. "What we are experiencing today is an invasion" – that is how the Zornedinger councilor Sylvia Boher described the immigration of refugees to Bavaria. She split the church with it. Because Boher does not belong to the right-wing populist AfD. But she was CSU local chairman, her claims she published in this capacity under the heading "critically noted" in the local party leaf. When then the local council after initial criticism but rather behave behaved, Angelika Burwick made a decision. She left the CSU.

Angelika Burwick stood at that time with her party exit alone, only another member moved to another local chapter. In Zorneding then discussed for months on this case, which brought the small community near Munich even in the national reporting. The local pastor, Olivier Ndjimbi-Tshiende, criticized Boher's text as being misanthropic. He was threatened with death. Instead of reassuring the situation, Boher's deputy insulted the pastor racially. Boher finally lost her position as local chairman, but remained in the local council; Ndjimbi-Tshiende left the community.

The reunification of a community

A year ago, Rev. Olivier Ndjimbi-Tshiende left Zorneding for racist death threats. The tensions, which were triggered by xenophobic statements from the local CSU, are still felt today

By Anselm Schindler

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Angelika Burwick shakes her head when she thinks of the time. She sits on the terrace of a bakery chain on Zorneding's central street and says, "I still can not explain what exactly happened there." For 44 years, the 64-year-old was in the Union, first in the CDU, then, after her move to Bavaria, in the sister party. It was not easy for her to quit the party. For a few nights she slept as she says. "But I did not feel at home in the party." It was important to her that the Wrath wrestlers quickly learn of her decision. Finally, she led the helper circle for refugees.

Much has been criticized in recent years for the CSU's strict policy on refugee policy. The Greens, the Left and the SPD accuse the CSU of using AfD rhetoric. Seehofer's meeting with the Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, his joke at the expense of the 69 asylum seekers who were deported to Afghanistan on his 69th birthday, but also Prime Minister Markus Söder, who speaks in the Journal of "asylum tourism" today – all this has also bourgeois Liberal CSU supporters and members scared. In recent months, members and local politicians have repeatedly complained about political style and choice of words.

"This language is criminal," says Angelika Burwick, when she thinks of the statements of the top politicians whose party she has been listening to for so long. She was often approached by CSU members from the village, she should go back to the party and from there against "the brown swamp fight," as she says. But she does not intend to do that. Not once had she doubted her decision to quit. "Sew," it breaks out of her, slight disgust resonates.

Only ten minutes of care, then long lonely hours

During the election campaign, Markus Söder promises to make Bavaria the "number one maintenance country". The reality is still far from it. What do patients and caregivers really need? On the way with a geriatric nurse.

Report by Ana Maria Michel, Bischofswiesen

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Two minutes on foot from the café to the container village, where about 60 asylum seekers from African countries live. There is not much to do in the small town that can be reached from Munich by S-Bahn. Mainly residential buildings are here, postwar architecture, a lot of gray and white. It all started in October 2014. When about 60 unaccompanied minor asylum seekers were quartered at the Hotel Eschenhof without any major lead time, Burwick took over the management of the entire helper circle. Practically in a night-and-fog action, she says, but still it suited her well. At that time she was just retreating from professional life step by step. "The mayor talked about four hours of work a week," says Burwick, laughing. "It was more like 30". She coordinated the various working groups for two and a half years, and took care that all of the first 60 and later up to 150 helpers were used wisely. The task was Burwick: She led long projects for companies, later she trained as a self-employed coach engineers and computer scientists to executives.



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