Lanester. 24 verbalizations after a wild rodeo

During the day, a peaceful gathering of sports and branded vehicles was held in the parking lot of the Go Sport store in Lanester (Morbihan). At nightfall, this same Friday, July 9, 2021, without the police yet knowing if a link can be established between the two events, several bikers and motorists started a wild rodeo around but also on the neighboring roundabout, in Lann-Sévelin.

At 10 p.m., the police intervened when nearly 500 people – alerted by social networks and mainly Snapchat, which attests to the spontaneous side of the demonstration – had gathered around the roundabout. If the presence of high-powered motor vehicles was noted, motorcyclists made the engines screech and the tires screech at the whim of burning applauded by the crowd …

Bikers even crossed the Lann-Sévelin roundabout. © Screenshot

Such a rodeo, “a first”

Until then, we knew that motorcycle runs could take place punctually at Rohu, away from the roads with heavy traffic, notes Jean Quintel, police commander. But on Friday evening, they found themselves on this very busy road, which resulted in 24 of them being fined (135 €) for excessive speed in view of the traffic conditions.

If the Lorient police station has opened an investigation, this is the first time that we are aware of a phenomenon of such magnitude , adds the officer. The penalties for a rodeo are also very dissuasive: since it is a crime and was committed in a meeting, the prison sentence can reach two years and the fine 30,000 €.