Language as the key to the world

Darmstadt ⋅ The city of Darmstadt intends to spend more than half a million euros on its own to continue the federal program for language day-care centers, which will officially expire at the end of the year. As the operator of 30 day-care centers, of which 18 facilities have so far taken advantage of the funding offers made since 2016, the necessary specialists and the specialist advice center that is part of the concept will be financed in future, announced Treasurer André Schellenberg (CDU) and Mayor Barbara Akdeniz (Die Greens) on Tuesday. “We are now stabilizing the language day-care centers without the federal government,” both politicians said.

According to Schellenberg, it is the city’s task to maintain “established structures that have grown through the federal program”. To date, around 1,700 children from various day-care centers have benefited from the additional language support. To this end, more than 25 additional employees have been trained in Darmstadt within six years to become “experts for multilingualism in the family, day care center and school”. The declared goal is to be able to guarantee suitable “everyday integrated language training offers” in the future. This is true to the slogan “Because language is the key to the world” that was chosen for the federal program at the time.


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