Laos is open to Thai people. “Covid vaccination” “Pfizer” simple conditions, if not met “Sino Farm”

Health Education Information Center Lao People’s Democratic Republic Public relations to Thai people who live in Lao PDR who can not receiveCovid-19 vaccine Others can be given.”covid vaccination” “Pfizer” (Pfizer) like a Laotian

byConditions of eligible Thai people “Covid vaccine” “Pfizer” (Pfizer) that is, must havepassport or permission to stay in the Lao PDR and have various health checks only to confirm

In addition, the way Lao PDR also further stated that For the target group that he will vaccinate “Pfizer” (pfizer) is over the age of 60 years, have underlying diseases as prescribed and Those who are not eligible for Pfizer can get the “Sinopharm” vaccine (1st, 2nd set) without having to register through various apps. let’s go

For now, Laos is still closed. unable to travel in But this is good news for Thai people living in Laos itself.

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