Laporta: “Barça was dead, but he’s still in the UCI”

Barcelona’s economic situation continues to be desperate and needs urgent solutions that must be taken at the assembly of compromisers next Thursday, June 16. At that meeting, the board will request permission from the committers to sell 49 percent of its commercial division and up to 25 percent of LaLiga’s television rights. The first step to obtain this permit was taken by President Laporta in his meeting with the senators (the 1,000 oldest members of the club) to whom he confessed that the economic situation is critical: “When we arrived the club was clinically dead, now we are in the ICU”.

In a 17-minute exposition before 101 members of the thousand who could attend, Laporta got to the point from the beginning and began his speech by saying that “Next Thursday the 16th we have called an assembly to seek solutions in order to straighten out the club’s economy, which is very delicate. When we took office, not even payroll could be paid and we had a Sword of Damocles on top of us; The entity had not paid creditors for three semesters. We were clinically dead in the event that the debtors executed their debt”.

The president recounted before the most veteran partners the series of measures that have been taken since he assumed the presidency, among which he highlighted that “The sports payroll has not been reduced enough and we have gone from being dead to the UCI, but we will not change the club model, nor will we ask for spills, you are not responsible for poor management, that is why we appeal to the ‘levers’ to continue being owners of the entity.

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Laporta continued stating that “If they allow us to activate the levers, we will go from the ICU to the plant and we will lead a normal life. We will compete against state clubs. We fix our problems on our own, because we are different.”


Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​in the Blaugrana Senate, together with sports vice president Rafel Yuste.Gorka Leiza


After Laporta’s words, the economic vice president Eduard Romeu took the floor, who in 19 minutes outlined in broad strokes the viability of the operations that will be put to the vote next Thursday. He explained what is intended, but without detailing with whom or for how much. Probably, the attending members asked about this individual after his speech, but by then the press had already been invited to leave the auditorium.

Romeu recalled that upon his arrival “We asked for five years to straighten out the club given the damage that had been done to the entity, we will try to shorten it.” Regarding the sale of the merchandising division (BLM), he asked for confidence to “choose the best travel companion, but the question of ‘how much is it worth?’ went unanswered.”

It was not clearer when he spoke of the transfer of television rights of up to 25% in LaLiga. “The risk of the investment is relative, for later years. Of the 160 million on average a year that we enter, putting 25% on the market is acceptable, the rest would be dangerous”.