Lardy: the new parking at Bouray station is not only happy

The head often returned to the shoulders because of the cold, users of the RER C through the refurbished parking lot of Bouray station, located in Lardy and not Bouray-sur-Juine, willingly take it to evoke the changes made right here.

At the end of work started last summer, this park relay now has nearly 500 places, against about 420 before. Managed by the private company Effia, it is now only free for owners of an annual Navigo card with more than 10 entries / exits per month in this car park. "This represents 90% of the usual users of this relay park", we are told at the town hall of Lardy.

Five euros a day, 20 euros a month

Other drivers must pay a fee of 20 euros per month, for monthly Navigo subscribers, 5 euros, for the daily pass. "It's good for people like me who park here every day, a good part of the year, before taking the train," notes Philippe, 52, of Itteville. But this should not please others. "

Nicolas, 47, is one of the opponents of the new system: "It's unbearable that all paying," fumbles this intermittent spectacle very reassembled. "To pay people is shameful! ", Also fulminates Christelle, 48, in all altruism. This resident of Ballancourt, who prefers the regularity of line C to line D, has an annual Navigo card.

A move to free car parks?

The traveler did not have a hard time finding a place this Wednesday, the day after the access barriers came into effect. A good third of the parking spaces were not occupied. "Before, there was often no room in the morning, said this regular places. People have surely had to go to the free car parks around other stations in the area, including Marolles-en-Hurepoix. That morning, this parking space on the outskirts of Marolles station was more than full.

Emmanuel Savre, Effia's regional director, sees a "classic" fluctuation in attendance, which is generally "less important on Wednesdays than on Tuesdays or Thursdays". "It is also necessary that things are put in place," he adds. "There is a break-in time," says one Effia employee who was deployed for a few days at the entrance to the relay park to assist and inform users.

Some tolerance

In these first days, a certain tolerance, materialized by the opening of the entry and exit barriers, was applied for the users having made a pre-reservation, but having not finalized their subscription file to the car park.

Rémi Lavenant, at the head of the list Together for Lardy for the municipal elections of 2020, was quick to highlight "monster queues" around the car park, fearing "nuisance for residents ". Dominique Bougraud, Mayor (SE) of Lardy, is less controversial. "There were little misses, but no major worry," she says.

A reflection on the station pole

And elected to remind that "this park relay is only one element of a solution that must be more comprehensive" on the station pole, to reduce the number of parked vehicles. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, more than 200 motorists parked in the streets around Bouray station. "Some were stagnating in our dead ends. Prohibition signs had to be installed, "says Marie-Hélène. She's waiting to see how things will evolve in her neighborhood.

Faced with this influx, the town hall launched a complete reflection. In order to improve the service around this station attended by nearly 2,700 passengers per day, new bus platforms will be set up at the bus station, for example. "The development of the public transport offer is a priority," says Dominique Bougraud.

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