Large-scale operation in Cologne: is there a missing person in the Aachen pond? | Regional

Helicopter and divers in action |

Is there a missing person in the Aachener Weiher?

Köln – Missing person search in the city of Cologne!

Shortly after 12 p.m., several passers-by at the Aachener Weiher observed how a person waved his hands out of the water – and then went under.

They informed rescue workers, who immediately started a large-scale operation. The divers of the fire department participated in the search. A rescue helicopter was also used during the search.

“So far we haven’t been able to find anyone in the water. No one is missing on the shore either, ”said fire department spokesman Ulrich Laschet to BILD. And: “We take the report very seriously and are continuing the search.”

With a human chain, the rescuers on the ground searched for a possibly missing person

Photo: Miklos Laubert

Since hours later no person could be found, the action was canceled in the afternoon.