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Larger paydays, famous friends and a little heartbreaker: In just one year, life has changed for Que Five & # 39; s Fab Five

All things are getting better and better.

At least that was the case for Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness– Well, your new Fab Five – since Netflix revived the groundbreaking reality series Queer eye (or as it was known during its first incarnation on Bravo, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) in February 2018 and brought her into our lives. And although it's really hard to believe it's only been a short year since we met her, it's undeniable that life for our favorite queer quintet has changed immeasurably in that time.

When the Fab Five first graced our screens, everyone was a relative stranger. Chances are, unless you were a fan of MTV The true world or a game of Thrones The web series created by Funny or Die has never been seen before, let alone its name. (Brown participated in the groundbreaking reality series of the 2004 cable network in Philadelphia and became the first gay black man on reality TV, while Van Ness had Emmy-nominated One-liner Gay of thrones since 2013.)

While Brown and Van Ness made a career in the media, their three other compatriots were completely unknown in the entertainment world. Berk has been successfully running his own design office since 2006, Bobby Berk Interiors + Design Creative Director at Portico Home + Spa, France, has been working on his successful apparel, Kingdom & State clothing line since 2011 and Porowski is trying to make her an actor (with small rolls on The blacklist and Blue Mountain State) before meeting with the original Queer eye star Ted Allen at a book signing and his personal assistant, who advises on the man whose former role he would soon occupy.

And since they had collided in a kismet the moment they were squeezed together in a Kismet round at the big group rehearsal at a Glendale hotel, the contracts the Fab Five had after their casting were due to their lack of starpower position offered relatively little on a large scale. According to a report from October 2018 in diversityEvery guy made only $ 7,500 per episode. Compare that the reported $ 75,000 Netflix software was spent on former SNL star Norm Macdonald To present his own talk show on the streaming service, you'll see what value the future stars could command, just as they were not tested at the time.

And then the thing debuted and made the Fab Five overnight sensations. Suddenly there was some bargaining power on her side. Although the boys were only able to renegotiate in season three (season one and two were all shot simultaneously and split in half later), they actually made sure their compensation was increased. And although no numbers have been reported, Brown Insider recently said that he and his colleagues are "happy and satisfied" after their salary negotiations.

"When you come to a brand new show – especially when it comes to restarting a reality show – they will of course always be unsure how they will fare," he told the outlet, defending their initial weakness numbers. "But it was so fair to make sure we were happy and supported the third season – and hopefully we have much more [seasons], I will say that we all feel that the process was exactly what it should have been. "

And while the Fab Five was remarkably close to the jump – he made a group text chain together even before one of them was cast – Brown revealed in his new memoir. Karamo– Their collective bargaining has only helped to strengthen their bond. "[Insisting we all get paid the same] We did not contribute to our personal relationships because we were all friends as friends, but it has contributed to our confidence because we know we support each other in the business, just as we do in life, "said Brown Insider "And that's really a reassuring feeling."

Since the boys were able to command more while Netflix lowered their checks, they also saw their profiles grow and become true media connoisseurs. Similar to that Stranger things Children in front of them, you could not tune into a red carpet after the 2018 premiere and watch a Hollywood heavyweight spit out the opportunity to bang Elf's ribs with the Fab Five. Chrissy Teigen became her official cheerleader, Michelle Kwan took the emerging figure skater Van Ness under her wing and Pete Davidson and Justin Theroux Almost all of them have been permanently on the team.

Queer Eye, Tan France, Chrissy Teigen


With their overflowing profiles, the Fab Five have proven to be well-versed businessmen earning their new fame, while the notoriously fickle interest of Hollywood is still hot. In the March 15 preparation for Season 3, all but one (Berk) have announced their debut books with Browns Karamo: My story of embracing purpose, healing and hope the first will be published. France's memoirs, Of course, Tan, Porowski's cookbook, Antoni in the kitchenand Van Ness's memoirs, exaggerated, all are sometimes affected by bookshelves sometimes in 2019.

In addition, they have found other ways to turn their fame into more opportunities. Porowski opened The Village Den, a fast-paced restaurant in New York, Van Ness sees his weekly podcast. Curious about Jonathan Van Ness After the debut of Queer Eye, he became a real hit and allowed him to interview guests with higher profile than he had probably ever imagined. Brown turned to the capital, Hill, with the Creative Coalition, and Berk engaged in his design film and all that. The conclusion of endorsement deals with various and diverse companies looking for a boost in the Fab Five.

For some, they have also seen changes in their love life. With France and Berk, both in committed marriages, Brown and his eight-year partner, director Ian Jordandecided to join them when they got engaged in May of last year. As for Porowski, who started Queer eye Tenure in a long-term relationship with Joey Krietemeyerhe found himself alone in October before resisting the former Folding out star Trace Lenhoff In December. Meanwhile, Van Ness has had a bit of heartbreak since his superstar. After the meeting with the rugby player Wilco Froneman At a party on the fourth of July they started dating and debuted just before the 2018 Emmys in September. Unfortunately, he would announce and quote her split on Instagram by the end of December Ariana Grande"Thanks, continue" in the process.

Apart from the obvious loot that fame has brought, landing the gig for a lifetime has had deeper and deeper implications for the Fab Five, allowing them to contribute to a conversation on representation and equality in the media, and at the same time Life of changing not only the "heroes" –Queer eye& # 39; s titles are chosen for the themes of each episode – they come across during the shoot, but of those who watch at home and learn to accept for the first time.

"The show has given me more than I ever knew, not just financially or in terms of fame," said France, the only Muslim gay man in the Western world on television The guard March. "It enabled me to represent my community in a way I had never seen before, and I'm not just talking about the gay community, but about the Asian community."

For Brown, who recently shared his vision board with the world, he finds it hard to believe that he could manifest almost everything he had hoped for. "It still hurts me," he said to E! News & # 39; Zuri Hall He recently discovered that he only needed a Grammy Award for the Best Spoken Word Album, a New York Times bestseller, and his own talk show to tick each box. "I had this vision board in seven different places in my house, so I'm overwhelmed to be here and to know that I've checked almost everything on this list."

Queer eye The third season is now available as stream on Netflix.


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