Las Conchillas: a paradise immersed in the Atlantic Coast of Rio Negro where unparalleled tranquility reigns

Thanks to the calm and serenity that it still preserves, the spa, located 60 kilometers from Las Grutas, is an ideal place for those seeking to relax away from large urban centers and live a wonderful experience on the shores of the San Matías Gulf, either as a family , with friends or alone.

a wonder of nature

At the entrance to the Port of San Antonio Este, this wide, rugged beach is characterized by its impressive surface, the product of the millions of mussel shells, mussels, mussels, clams and scallops that, when completing their life cycle, were dragged towards the shore by the force of the water and today they give a distinctive touch to this tourist destination.

Along 12 kilometres, a majestic landscape is striking due to the contrast of colors offered by the sea and the sand, where the shells of the molluscs that make it up vary from violet tones to a radiant white that shines unblemished in the sun’s rays, in a gradient caused by wind erosion and the passage of time.

Relax among magical postcards

The large stretches of beach that remain at low tide become the ideal excuse to take long walks and live a fascinating experience framed by the characteristic sound of the waves and the crunch of the shells that give an unparalleled tranquility and sense of well-being.

In addition, among the enchanting panoramas offered by the sea merging with the sky on the horizon, it is possible to see the odd specimen of marine fauna that inhabits the region, such as dolphins, sea lions or penguins, which offer an epic spectacle to the spectators who they are dazzled from the shore and make them live an unforgettable stay.

Fishermen, seafood and first class gastronomy

Within the framework of the imposing landscape, it becomes very common to see the boats of artisanal fishermen who spend a large part of the day catching fish and shellfish offshore. This production is transformed into delicious dishes from restaurants or gastronomic enterprises that give the destination its distinctive seal.

Visitors will be able to give themselves the pleasure of choosing from an extensive menu of proposals made from seafood characteristic of the San Matías Gulf. The most popular options include seafood casseroles, pickled baby octopus, squid rings, clams au gratin and paella that, paired with the wines made in the province, are transformed into an exquisite guaranteed explosion of flavours.

short distance getaways

The Port of San Antonio Este houses beaches for all tastes. The most adventurous will find a great ally in the Mirador Norte, an ideal place to practice water sports such as stand up paddle or rowing in kayaks. Boat excursions also leave from there to fish or watch marine fauna, a wonderful activity that allows you to see up close the particular species that inhabit the waters of the region.

Southbound at this point is Punta Perdices, known as the “Patagonian Caribbean”, a site that stands out for its stunning crystal waters, mixed with turquoise colored waters and white sand, it is distinguished from the rest of the beaches region of. In the opposite direction is Punta Villarino, the only coastal corner of the Golfo San Matias which has a colony of sea lions and provides a unique spectacle in which wildlife becomes protagonist of an unparalleled landscape.

Recommendations to visit Las Conchillas

Those who arrive at the resort must take into account a series of recommendations such as parking in the designated places and not circulating or parking on the beach and mantle of shells; nor collect native flora, snails or fossil remains. Neither feed, disturb or capture specimens of wildlife.

On the other hand, it is requested not to throw garbage or light a fire, and for those who wish to camp in motorhomes or boxes, it is recalled that they can only do so in the permitted spaces and will have to have a chemical toilet for the discharge of effluents.