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Las Vegas denies a black widow widow ’because of her husband Albuquerque Journal


NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. – One of the most committed murderers in Nevada. for their money offer story for tips about who did.

Margaret Rudin, 76, left a shopkeeper of social antiques who focused before her indictment and spent two years as a refuge before her trial in 2001, a female prison reached after her sentence 20 years ago to kill because kogul real estate kill Ron Rudin.

“I want to be free,” said Rudin to the Las Vegas Review-Journal in an interview with his lawyer, Greg Mullanax. She said she wanted to pass, vote and “be able to do all the things I could do before Ron was killed.” T

“I didn't do it,” she said.

…………………………………… …………..

The result of an app that created the “most wanted” television show was that Rudin was arrested in 1999 in Revere, Massachusetts, where she lived for a year with a retired firefighter who met her. a group of people who retired in Mexico in America.

Leaving prison, Rudin went into a sports vehicle and didn't talk to reporters. Mullanax read a statement saying that “Margaret Rudin and her family are happy days… because Margaret Rudin is innocent and has not murdered her husband.” T

Mullanax did not respond immediately to messages from The Associated Press.

It stands for Rudin in a federal court case that seeks an order for a new Rudin trial to clarify the conviction that keeps her on parole for the rest of her life.

Rudin, who became a great grandmother when he was in prison, said she intended to move to the Chicago area to live with her daughter, grandchild and grandchildren. She said she wants to move after that to Nashville, Tennessee.

“I am going to write books,” she said, because of her trial and what she had spent each year she spent in prison.

She said she blamed Las Vegas police for her arrest, prosecution and conviction, and said that her Christian faith helped her overcome suspicion and anger in prison.

“Most of the time it was, I'm going out of here. I'm going to go through this. I'm going to be innocent, ”she said.

…………………………………… …………..

Intrigue and plot twists began after her husband, with 64 years of Las Vegas real estate developer, disappeared in December 1994.

Fishermen departed over their skull and some later loaded bones a month near the Colorado River reservoir shoreline about 45 miles (72 kilometers) outside Las Vegas.

Prosecutors said that he had been shot in the head asleep and that his body was pulled in stock to the desert and burned. A distinctive treasure bracelet was found with the name “Ron” at the scene.

Ron and Margaret Rudin were married seven years – the fifth marriage for everyone. Police said it was repeatedly shot with a .22-caliber gun with a silencer who reported Ron Rudin's missing per year after they poem.

Beneficiaries indicated that Ron Rudin's trust in 1991 amended to investigate his death if he had been through a violent manner and would remove anyone responsible for his will.

Margaret Rudin attempted to get a $ 6 million share of fortune of $ 11 million, but she settled with the trustees of her estate for about $ 500,000 after suing her in 1996 to prove that she had a role in her death.

She became a fugitive after the police said a diver found the murder weapon in 1996 at the foot of Lake Mead. She left weeks before she was abolished in 1997 for murder, accessory to murder and illegal use of hearing device fees. Prosecutors said she had made calls for her husband's phones when she suspected that he had a relationship.

The authorities said Rudin changed her name and appearance, and slipped through the hands of the Phoenix police in September 1998 before being arrested in November 1999 in Massachusetts.

…………………………………… …………..

On his trial Rudin's sister was giving evidence against him but the most important thing to remember was that defense attorney Michael Amador, who provided such an open argument to jurors who asked Rudin that they had an adverse effect, was .

Judge Veteran rejected Joseph Bonaventure for a serious incident, but replaced Amador by appointing two defense lawyer to assist him.

Amador did not immediately reply on Thursday or Friday to messages.

Amador said that Rudin was defending him free of charge, but Rudin said that Amador had unduly attempted to achieve media rights for his story and Amador's secretary revealed that she had seen contracts on film rights and book dealings. .

Two judges of the Supreme Court Nevada noted that Amador invited TV crews to interview Rudin at his office when she came to prepare for the trial.

Some lawyers argued that the trial was so flawed that Rudin earned a retrial. A state court judge agreed in 2008, but Nevada Supreme Court overturned this decision. The 9th Court of Appeal of the United States ordered in 2015 a new look at Rudin conviction.

Last year, Nevada's Remedies Department agreed not to oppose Rudin's parochial to resolve the civil court civil rights complaints of abuse, misconduct and sexuality in prison programs for aging prisoners.

Coreen Kovacs, an advocate and friend, who was turned by the juror, who was in his final possession before voting on the offender Rudin, went along with Mullanax on Friday. Kovacs said she was sure that Margaret Rudin was not killing Ron Rudin, but she said she didn't know who did.

“I am waiting for this date as long as she is,” says Kovacs with AP. “She supported me long, long ago. I don't like me. ”


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