Home News Las Vegas pays homage to massacre victims in concert

Las Vegas pays homage to massacre victims in concert

Las Vegas pays homage to massacre victims in concert

Governor Sandoval told survivors, families of victims, emergency personnel and authorities that "today we comfort the inconsolable."


A flock from pigeons crossed the heaven on Las Vegas Monday at sunrise with slats on their legs that carried the first name of each of the 58 victims what they died a year ago in the worst shooting perpetrated in the modern history of the United States.

On the occasion of anniversary of the night in which a Subject opened fire from a hotel room against a crowd of 22 thousand country music fans, he Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, met together with hundreds of people in a commemorative ceremony done in a outdoor amphitheater.

Today we remember the unforgettable. Today we console the inconsolable, "Sandoval told survivors, families of victims, emergency personnel and authorities.

Today we remember the pain that never disappears, "he added.

Among those who offered prayers, songs and speeches was Mynda Smith, whose sister Neysa Davis Tonks died in the shooting.

Smith said her sister was 46 years old and raised her three children alone in Las Vegas. He remembered her as an energetic, adventurous person, who liked all kinds of music and who danced when nobody else saw her.

Smith opened a scholarship fund for the children of the victims and said he had communication with the loved ones of almost all the deceased.

None of us will be the same person again, "said the woman.

We have all changed. We have all been destroyed. But we can find a way to pick up those pieces and paste them again. Yes, the cracks will continue to be seen. But everything can be completed again and we will be stronger, "he said.

Christie Kraemer, Las Vegas real estate agent who was not at the concert but knew some of the attendees, said "I do not want it to happen again on October 1. However, I love October 2 because of the way we all come together. "

Some of the survivors, such as Chris and Larisa Rapanick, of Chesapeake, Virginia, traveled to Las Vegas to attend various events held over the weekend, such as a 5-kilometer race, a show at a country music club and a reunion. survivors held on Saturday.




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