Laso: “It is mandatory to respect your rival and the League”

Paul Lasomanager of Real Madrid, considers that his team will have to make “a great effort” to beat Gran Canaria this Saturday on matchday 34 of the league, because it has “a great squad and it is a very complete team in all positions”. “That is why they are fighting for the playoff until the last day. That forces us to make a great effort if we want to get this game off the ground,” said the coach.

“It is a team that has combined effort and work very well throughout the season. It has been playing two competitions and has always been competitive. We have improved in recent games, the results show it. In the last confrontation against UCAM Murcia, the feeling of continuity in the game was better”, he assured.

Laso said that he always aspires “to that the team is able to take steps forward and be more consistent in the game for more minutes”. “This is mandatory tomorrow because, if we have bad moments, they will punish us. We must play a very complete match if we want to win”, he insisted.

True to his maxim that “competition is the best training”Laso said that “it is mandatory to respect the rival and respect the League“. “There are teams that are playing a lot and we do not understand anything other than playing our best game and trying to get the victory“, he underlined. Real Madrid is second in the league and Gran Canaria is eighth, separated by seven wins.