Last day to donate to ATH Móvil Week

Today is the last day to donate to more than 700 non-profit organizations in the ATH Móvil por Puerto Rico initiative.

The ATH Móvil Por Puerto Rico week seeks to promote the growth and development of non-profit organizations on the island and encourage collection using the ATH Móvil “Donate” functionality.

In alliance with WAPA-TV and GFR Media, the initiative is a friendly contest that has been taking place from February 13 to 17 and in which non-profit organizations active in the “Donate” functionality of ATH Móvil, They will be able to encourage fundraising for their organizations and, to the six that achieve the highest amount of collection in this period, Evertec will grant them an additional bonus of $5,000.

“After the success of the first edition, we continue to bet on and expand the ATH Móvil por Puerto Rico initiative to provide visibility and continue supporting non-profit organizations that are essential for the socioeconomic development of Puerto Rico. At Evertec, we recognize that non-profit organizations are the first to act on behalf of the people, supporting the causes most in need, especially in times of crisis. ATH Móvil’s ‘Donate’ functionality has transformed the third sector by streamlining fundraising effectively and immediately. For this reason, at Evertec we are proud to provide the technology that makes its great work possible,” said Alexandra López-Soler, Evertec’s chief marketing officer, who added that more than 700 registered members of the ATH Móvil “Donate” functionality non-profit organizations working for various specific causes around the entire island.

This year, the initiative increases its reach in alliance with WAPA-TV and the talents of its programs Noticentro al Amanecer, Pégate al Mediodía, Viva La Tarde, Lo Sé Todo and Los Datos Son el Datos. In each of the programs, non-profit organizations that are active in ATH Móvil “Donar” were chosen to provide them with exposure and support them in their fundraising process, while motivating people to support organizations that are your favorites.

To complete this effort, ATH Móvil por Puerto Rico is collaborating with dozens of influencers, who have been motivating their followers to donate to their favorite organization to continue amplifying the impact of this great movement. In the same way, GFR Media joined as an amplifier to provide more visibility to the initiative.

All winning organizations will be announced on a television show on WAPA TV and on WAPA and Evertec social media on February 28. For more information and rules, non-profit organizations that are active participants of ATH Móvil “Donate” can access