Last four objective for the C’Chartres MHB, this Wednesday evening, against Chambéry

There were only big fish left. So, on paper, Chambéry was undoubtedly one of the best possible draws. Or one of the least difficult, depending. It now remains to be seen, on the ground, if the Chartrains will be able to shake up the hierarchy and invite themselves to the semi-finals of the Coupe de France, this Wednesday evening.

“We panic too quickly”, laments Toni Gerona, after the defeat of C’Chartres MHB in Nîmes

Facing the current sixth of Starligue, winner of the competition in 2019, they will look like outsiders. But the Savoyards have already paid to know that the Euréliens are dangerous outsiders. In October, Sergey Kudinov and his teammates had struck a blow at the Lighthouse (25-24 success), before giving in, at home, on the return, last month (26-29). This season, therefore, there is one everywhere between the two protagonists of the evening.

We are sixty minutes from a semi-final, and that’s not nothing. Many players have never played a half with us.

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“I asked the players to put aside the championship. It’s a dry match and it’s a different competition, ”explains Toni Gerona, the Chartres coach, who would not shun a new qualification, after that won last Saturday, with Serbia, for the next world.

“We are sixty minutes from a semi-final, and that’s not nothing, continues the Spanish technician. Many players have never played a half with us. Unlike Chambéry, we are still a young team in D1, and history is not written in a week. But we progress every year, and obviously, we want to go as far as possible. »

Sans Groselj et Dimitrov

At the end of a week of international break, which will have allowed most players to breathe a little, the CCMHB will present themselves with a workforce still a little reduced. In particular on the right side where Matic Groselj, who has just had knee surgery and whose return will not take place for several weeks, and Svetlin Dimitrov, still out of action following his broken finger, will still be missing. On the other hand, Nebojsa Grahovac, absent in the last match for a painful Achilles tendon, will make his comeback.

French Cup: C’Chartres MHB will receive Chambéry in the quarter-finals

For Chartres, who has just conceded 110 goals in three games, this evening will be a question of giving a little boost in defense. While trying to maintain the speed interviewed in the offensive game lately. “In placed attack, we had a little trouble, underlines Toni Gerona. We realized that we managed to score more easily by putting on the rhythm. The principles of the game can evolve. Against Chambéry, we will try to build on what we are doing well at the moment and improve the defense. Because if we concede forty goals, it will be hard to win…”

By following this line, Chartres hopes to overcome its recent frustrations from Nantes (40-36) and Nîmes (39-34) and embark on a great adventure in the Cup…

Chartres (halle Jean-Cochet), this Wednesday, April 20, at 8 p.m.
Chartres :
Grahovac, Meyer – Ilic, Vium, Figueras, Afanou-Gatine, Perdersen, Barbeito, Kudinov, Djekic, Onufriyenko, Cham, Jund, Saussay, Tribillon, Vérin. in : Gerona.
Chambery: Portner, Hodzic – Mantz, Traore, Tritta, Richert, Tremey, Skube, Babarskas, Tissot, Brouzet, Paturel, Costoya, Goni, Anquetil, Rodrigues. Entr. : Mathé.

Romain Leger