“Last Generation” Climate Activists Hold Solidarity Protests in Austria and Germany

Out of solidarity with the climate activists in Germany, the “Last Generation” also took to the streets in Vienna on Friday.

On Friday, climate activists of the “last generation” are planning large protest marches in three state capitals, including Vienna. The marches take place out of solidarity with the activists in Germany.

After the raid on some of their members, the climate protest group Last Generation in Germany is initially opting for demonstrations instead of road blockades. In Austria, too, the “Last Generation” wants to show solidarity with their colleagues from Germany. “We show our solidarity with our sister movement in Germany. It’s about nothing other than our survival and the survival of our democracy,” tweeted the “Last Generation” Austria on Friday. Three protest marches are planned in Austria starting at 4:30 p.m. Including a march in Vienna.

The raid “hit everyone hard, but we’re not afraid,” the group said in Germany on Friday, calling on its supporters to “join a protest march that starts near you.” Meanwhile, the UN showed solidarity with the climate activists.

“Last generation” demonstrated in Germany

The next demonstration in Germany is on Friday afternoon (5 p.m.) at the Frankfurter Tor in Friedrichshain. A total of 17 cities were preparing for demonstrations. Unlike earlier in the week before the raid, no roadblocks were reported. On Thursday evening, several hundred people demonstrated in Munich for the group, for climate protection and against the raid. On Wednesday there were demonstrations in Berlin and other cities, each with a few hundred people.

“Last generation” with protest marches in solidarity

On Twitter, the climate activists also criticized the actions of the police in the action of the “Last Generation” on the Vienna Southeast Tangente on Thursday.

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“Last generation” protest march after raid also in Vienna – Vienna Online – Austria

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