Last minute… Curfew has ended!

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In the scope of combating the new type of corona virus, which affected the whole world, the curfew was restricted in 30 metropolitan cities and in Zonguldak over the weekend.

The restriction ended at 00.00 today. After the restriction was over, it was seen that some citizens went out on the streets in Istanbul and other provinces.


Ministry of Interior, after the ban expires, should be closed as of 21.00 in line with the decisions taken earlier, such as market, supermarket, etc. If it is determined that the workplaces are open, he stated that judicial and administrative procedures will be applied within the scope of the General Sanitary Law and related articles of TCK to those who shop and shop from these workplaces.

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In the statement made by the Ministry of Interior, the following statements were used:

* Our 30 provinces with metropolitan status and the curfew imposed on Zonguldak have been highly adapted by staying in their homes. We would like to thank our citizens who stayed at their homes for this sensitive behavior.

* For the citizens who do not comply with the curfew decision in question, judicial or administrative procedures have been applied within the scope of the General Sanitary Law and related articles of the TCK. In this context, since the curfew restriction started, 20 thousand 398 people who violated this rule have been judicial or administrative.

* Our fight against the epidemic with Covid-19 continues decisively. Along with other measures implemented within this scope, the city entrance / exit in 31 provinces, curfews of citizens over 65 or under the age of 20 or under 20 years of age continue in the same way (except for exceptions).

* To our citizens; We remind that the most important element of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic is social distance and social isolation, and they do not leave their homes unless it is mandatory. We need the support of our citizens to overcome the Covid-19 epidemic as soon as possible. We will succeed together. (IHA)

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