Having held a meeting with the Presidential Cabinet via teleconferencing method, President Erdoğan announced that the curfew would be imposed on the 16-17-18-19 May as part of the corona virus outbreak.

Erdogan stated that businesses such as grocery, market, butcher, greengrocer, bakery, and dessert shops will be allowed to stay open between May 18-19, and that it is possible to shop from 10:00 to 16:00.

Indicating that the elderly can go out on the streets again on Sunday, May 17, Erdogan announced that the restriction on entry and exit to the city applied in Adana, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Trabzon, Ordu, Denizli, Kahramanmaraş, Şanlıurfa and Tekirdağ provinces was lifted.

Highlights from Erdogan’s speech are as follows:

We pay old age to over 65 thousand citizens.

We benefit our elderly people primarily in healthcare services. We meet their needs at home with home care service.

With the fidelity support group we created during the epidemic period, we served 5 million citizens to their homes. From shopping to mask distribution, fidelity was provided by social support groups.

I would like to thank each of our 146 thousand brothers and sisters, including public servants and volunteers. In addition, 119 municipalities from the AK Party, MHP, CHP and other parties supported the loyal social support group. I thank them too.

We have found 2 billion pounds to support us, we Yet Turkey campaigns. While keeping the people alive with the understanding of the state live, we take the necessary precautions for every creature entrusted to us by Allah.

We have facilitated the activities of those who go to the highlands to graze animals, those engaged in beekeeping, seasonal agricultural workers. We will continue to help our people by meeting all basic needs, especially health, food and safety.

2 months have passed since 10 March. We successfully continue our 83 million struggles against this global epidemic. The number of new cases, deaths and intensive care is gradually decreasing.

In contrast, the number of patients recovering and the number of tests increases exponentially. I express my gratitude to everyone for our citizens who comply with the rules.

We started to provide opportunities to normalize life. Together with the whole world, we have entered a period in which we have to continue our lives by following certain rules in our country.

Some countries that Turkey is among the epidemic under control, while some just starting in, while some progress. This table indicates that we should continue our lives according to the new order, such as using a mask for a long time, maintaining the distance and complying with cleanliness.

We should not perceive the return to normalization as a return before March 10. We had to quarantine 412 settlements in our country so far. Quarantine continues in 112 of them.

Those who go out without a really essential job, those who create unnecessary crowds in the streets, vehicles, feed the virus with their own hands.

We have to continue our lives according to the measures that will protect us. The more we accept this fact, the more effectively we carry out our struggle.

We will never step out without a mask. We will definitely keep the physical distance. We will stay away from crowded places as much as possible and simplify our lives. We will wash our hands frequently. When we return home from the outside, we will carry out a more thorough cleaning and continue our lives.

We are not completely back to the old days, we just try to make our life a little easier in pandemic conditions. We will carry out the measures we take to expand them when necessary and limit them when necessary. We review the works we carry out within our Presidency and our ministry, and fix the problems.

We want our children and young people to complete their education without harm. We want to bring our country to a more advantageous position in the new system that will reshape after the epidemic.

We will further strengthen the Social Protection Shield. We are determined to continue to strengthen without compromising our sensitivity on health. Yesterday we held the ceremony to see the tunnel light of the Gayrettepe-Istanbul metro line. We plan to open all of them until September 2021.

We examined the construction of our Sancaktepe Hospital and other hospitals, which we plan to open until the holiday. We will hold our Başakşehir City Hospital with Mr. Japan Prime Minister Abe. We will open it in teleconference on May 21st.

We have seen the importance of fully and General Health Insurance system for a model that is much better for Turkey in this process.

We showed that we put the health of our citizens above everything by including 43 medicines, 11 of which are cancer, with the most needed treatment methods and medicines during the epidemic period.

This is the result of Social Security Reforms. I would like to thank our employees for the week of 11-17 May Social Security Institution.

Turkey’s success in managing the epidemic, the case attracted the attention of everyone. This positive picture will contribute to making our country one of the world’s leading brands in healthcare.

Within the scope of the normalization program, our Ministry of Health has prepared guides on how to take these steps in each sector according to which stages and how. Institutions and businesses will take steps according to this guide.

Yesterday we removed the 4-hour curfew restriction for our citizens over 65 years old. Between the same hours on Wednesday between the ages of 0-14, on Friday 15-20 age group will benefit from the same opportunities at the same time. If there is no negative situation, we plan to continue this practice.


16-17-18 and 19 May Curfew will be applied on days.

On May 18-19 grocery store, market, butcher, greengrocer, bakery, dessert shop We allow businesses such as 10.00-16.00 to be open for both sales and home service.

Our elderly people will be able to go out on the streets on Sunday, May 17.

Last week, we ended the entry and exit limitation in our 7 provinces. At this week’s meetings, we ended the intercity entry and exit limitation for 9 more provinces.

Adana, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Trabzon, Ordu, Denizli, Kahramanmaraş, Şanlıurfa and Tekirdağ We removed the restriction in our provinces.

In case of any negativity, we make these reminders so as not to increase the limitations again. We abolish the practice of on duty at the notaries and return to the normal working period.

Now we are taking a new step on cloth mask. A higher price will be determined for these and sales will be allowed.

We will complete the payments of our retirees this month from 15 May until the feast. We also highlighted the unemployment insurance payments in May.

In the first 2 phases, we provided thousands of Turkish lira cash support to our 4.4 million citizens. Especially for our citizens who were unemployed due to the epidemic support, payments began in 3rd phase cash support. In this context, the number of people paid has reached 900 thousand.

On the night of 19 May, with the end of the curfew, our citizens will be able to leave the city.

Fresh tea purchases will start with the harvest.

I would like to share the gospel with the public that the first of the 6 tribunes of the Ilısu Dam will be put into service on 19 May.


In the period we left behind for the past 4 years, the Cumhur Alliance remained standing upright against all kinds of lies, slander and provocation attempts. I would like to express my gratitude to my brothers from MHP and to all those who supported the alliance with MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli.

We are determined to strengthen the Cumhur Alliance even more. Despite all the attacks suffered by Turkey, it will continue this holy walk.

We will continue to protect our rights in the Mediterranean, Cyprus and the Aegean until the end. We will continue to disappoint those who think they will collapse our economy by using financial institutions abroad.

Turkey maintained its independence and future of the most critical struggle over 7 years, we will give them the opportunity they are looking for rubbing their hands waiting for the order to come to him.

Turkey has failed in the fight against terrorism, those who want to see the collapse of the economy that we live emotions. Our place of reckoning is ballot box.

Those who try to wander behind the national will in the 2023 elections will once again receive the necessary response from our nation. In Turkey with the support and help of Allah we committed in bringing our nation into the most advanced 10 countries.

Corona virus after the outbreak of the global system will take its deserved place in Turkey. All we have to do is to hold on to our brotherhood, our union.

We are well aware of the purpose of the pitfalls installed in our economy and economy management. The acceleration of efforts to divide our nation through origin and belief, or even gender discrimination, consists in reintroducing a game of 2 centuries. We see the attacks against the Presidential Government System within the same scope.

We will overcome the threat of epidemic in the same way as we have successfully accomplished all these struggles with our nation.

Once again, I present you my love and respect. On the occasion of 12 May Nurses’ Day, I present my respects to all our employees who started working. May my Lord be our wife and assistant. With thick health.

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