Eintracht Frankfurt passes a victory in Liege, then the ticket would be booked for the second round of the Europa League. But in the end, the Bayern conqueror is empty handed. A culprit is found quickly: the referee.

A supposed emergency brake and not even yellow? This one scene left the players and those in charge of Eintracht Frankfurt after last-minute knockout. from Liège. "A situation was completely mistaken for me by the Slovenian referee, which was a mistake," said coach Adi Hütter after the 1-2 defeat at Standard Liege. Midfielder Sebastian Rode added: "The referee did not play well."

This meant an emergency brake by Kostas Laifis (69.), who was allowed to continue despite a previously seen yellow card. "With one more player we would have certainly easier," said Hütter. Instead, there was a late defeat despite a goal from Filip Kostic, after goals from Zinho Vanheusden and Joker Maxime Lestienne is the progress of the Hessians in the Europa League in great danger.

"Everything is open now"

The Eintracht and Liège have six points each after four games, the direct comparison is balanced after two 2-1 home wins. "It's all open now, Liège can win both games, but so can we," said Gelson Fernandes. Both still have duels with favorite Arsenal London and underdog Vitoria Guimaraes in front of the chest. Hütter explained that the starting position had "changed a lot". With a victory in Liège, especially the strong Kostic directly before the 1: 2 had free on goal before the goal, the progress would have been secured.

So followed on the gate party in the 5: 1 against champions FC Bayern, the great disillusionment in the freezing cold of Liege. The Eintracht fans, who have been banned for repeated rioting, will not be able to help Arsenal in three weeks and their suspension will also apply to the match in London. "I'm driving to win the game," Rode announced, looking at Arsenal. To be sure to spend the winter in Europe, Eintracht must win the other two group games.

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