Last minute … from Russia to Turkey shocking accusation: They’re lying

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In Syria, where chaos and violence have not ended for years, eyes have been turned to Idlib recently. Russia supported a succession of attacks on Assad’s forces editing, thousands of civilians fleeing the conflict moving toward the border with Turkey.

Russia and Turkey in Idlib relations in the last month that killed 15 Turkish soldiers who stretched on, instead of lowering blood pressure continues to come from Moscow to escalate further explanations. According to the Reuters news it announced last minute as the development of the Russian Party in Syria Settlement Center official Rear Admiral Oleg Juravlev, led to accusations shocked Turkey.


Erdogan also voiced by the President denied the convoy Juravlev migration, “because who wants to go to the east of Idlib, Syria-Turkey border clashes with the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of refugees does not reflect reality. “There are no photos, videos or other documents confirming the explanations that nearly a million asylum-seekers in the Idlib strain relief zone will cross the border.”


Turkey to also calling Juravlev, “Party in Russia, Syria Settlement Center, volunteers from the Turkish side Idlib eastern and crossings in the open status of residents in southern and safely needed to ensure passage to the regions in the government’s control urge you to take all measures ”He said.

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