Last minute… The decision came for Ömer Faruk Kavurmacı, the son-in-law of Kadir Topbaş

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The hearing regarding the Kavurmacılar file, which left the case against TUSKON, the business world structure of FETÖ, was held.

In the case before the 23rd High Criminal Court in Istanbul, the Prosecutor requested up to 15 years of imprisonment on charges of “being a member of FETÖ” against Ömer Faruk Kavurmacı, the son-in-law of former İBB President Kadir Topbaş.

After the defenses, the court announced the decision and sentenced Ömer Faruk Kavurmacı to 8 years and 9 months in prison. With the decision, the release of Kavurmacı was decided.

Kavurmacı’s father Mustafa Şevki Kavurmacı was sentenced to 9 years, 4 months and 15 days in prison.


The court also ordered the continuation of the trustee over Kavurmacı’s companies.

On the other hand, the court decided to seize Kavurmacı’s shares over their companies.

Ömer Faruk Kavurmacı was the only defendant in the TUSKON case.

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