It was learned that the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Student Dormitory in Güngören with a capacity of 3,200 people under the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Florya Girls Dormitory with a capacity of 1,200 people under the Credit Dormitories Institution were emptied.

The announcement was hung to evacuate the dorm. Photo: Spokesperson


Students who stayed in the girls’ dormitory were informed that they would be placed, and those who returned, were asked to leave. Some students who said they had nowhere to go reacted to this situation.

The students gathered their belongings and left the dormitory. Photo: Spokesperson


Fatih Sultan Mehmet Student Dormitory in Güngören asked students to leave the dormitory until 12:00 on March 16 (today). It has been reported that students who cannot return to their families will be moved to other dormitories in Istanbul by municipal buses.

It was learned that students would move to other dormitories by bus. Photo: Spokesperson

It was seen that the students who collected their belongings were getting ready to board the buses coming to the country.

Students reacted to the evacuation of the dormitories. Photo: Spokesperson


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