Last month to access $ 25,000 credit with a 0% rate for micro and small businesses

In August, the deadline for processing subsidized loans for sectors affected by the pandemic ends. Is about soft loans granted by the National Development Agency (SPIRIT) that can be withdrawn in collection networks. They are aimed at micro and small businesses – with up to 19 employees – in the sectors most affected by the pandemic: school and tourist transport, sports clubs, party and event rooms, restaurants and barbecues, rotisseries, and other food services.

The loan is for up to $ 25 thousand and is repaid without any interest rate, in pesos, as of February 2022, in 24 installments. It can be requested until August 31 in the collection networks throughout the country, and can be charged in full, or in items of $ 10,000 and / or 15,000, if they do not wish to request the total. To receive the loan Companies must be active before the BPS by May 27, 2021 with at least the presentation of a payroll in the period Apr / 2020-Mar / 2021.

The holders of the beneficiary companies must attend the collection networks only with their identity card.d. If they wish, they can consult previously on the ANDE website through the virtual assistant, if they are beneficiaries of this loan. There is 10,386 beneficiaries qualified to access this loan. More information in the following link: