"Many people are looking for something [this video], You want to know how he is, how can he be seen, is he still alive, "said Algayer in a telephone interview. I think that will ultimately help protect the territory. "

Brazil is home to several tribes whose countries are increasingly threatened as the Amazon's resources struggle intensifies.

Although sometimes described as "uncontacted", many victims of violent contact with shepherds have lost family members arguing about land. Others, like the last man in the video, have been contacted by Funai again and again, even if they have just been left alone.

Last year, 71 people were killed in such land disputes, most often since 2003, according to the Pastoral Land Commission, which persecuted the violence.

Funai says the man in the video is a survivor of attacks by farmers who killed the rest of his group in 1995. He has been watching the man since 1996 when he lives alone in the forest in the northern state of Rondonia.

The team that haunts him calls him "the Indians of the Hole because of an unusual hole he dug up," Algayer said.

"We do not know who he belongs to," Algayer said, adding that the man was healthy and between 55 and 60 years old.

The Foundation's mission is to give such people the opportunity to live their lives in isolation, but members of the Foundation have made 57 trips to monitor him, as they considered him to be at risk. They have taken measures to protect the area about 40 times.

"We always know more or less where he is in the reserve, we monitor him from a distance," said Algayer in a statement that accompanied the release of the video.

About every other month, a team enters its territory to search for signs that it is still alive and well.

"We have not seen lumberjacks, deforestation, or the presence of strangers in the area for the past five years."

Funai said he has taken several pictures of the man over the years and since 1996 has tried several times to speak with him. In 2005, he made it clear that he did not want any contact. But he used tools and seeds that the surveillance team left for him. You have seen that he has planted corn, potatoes, papayas and bananas, among others.

"This man, unknown to us even after he lost everything, including his people and a range of cultural practices, proved that it is possible to survive alone in the forest and resist the mainstream society," Algayer said , "I think he feels much better than when he was back a long time ago."

AP, with Lia Timson

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