Last straight line for Guingamp hospital – Brittany

“Money, money for the public hospital”, the defenders of the Guingamp hospital mobilized this Saturday, July 2. The participants in the demonstration – 400 for the gendarmerie, 500 according to the organizers – gathered in the morning, before marching through the city center, while the evaluation report of the care offer of the hospital group of the territory d’Armor (GHT) should be made public Thursday, July 7, in Saint-Brieuc, at the end of the afternoon.

Highly anticipated, this report, delivered by Bruno Rossetti, mandated by ARS Bretagne, will put an end to several months of waiting and uncertainty for the Guingampais. Indeed, since September 2021, residents, elected officials and health professionals have been mobilizing to demand the maintenance of the permanence of care and maternity, threatened.

“Always more with always less”

“We will be waiting for it with great impatience. Mr. Rossetti will return his copy and we will correct it, ”ironically Yann-Fanch Durand, co-chairman of the defense committee of the Guingamp public hospital. “We want to maintain services at the hospital but also on the entire hospital network on the vast territory of GHT”, he adds, denouncing in passing “a logic of wanting to do always more with always less”.

The elected officials mobilized

Several local elected officials gave their support to the mobilization, like the president of Guingamp Paimpol agglomeration, Vincent Le Meaux, who declared: “Today, the whole territory (citizens, elected officials, health professionals) is unanimously agreement to maintain services at the hospital. If by chance, we learn bad news, it will be perceived as an act of offense. According to the decision that the ARS will take, we will go to court. The president indicated that the report of the agglomeration, commissioned in parallel from an independent firm and which recommends the maintenance of the full-service hospital in Guingamp, “was voted on by the elected officials and was also validated by the hospital supervisory board. The director did not vote for this report”.

Monday July 5, Vincent Le Meaux, at the head of a delegation of elected officials from the territory, must meet Stéphane Mulliez, director general of ARS Bretagne, to give him the report of the audit commissioned by GPA.