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Wood processing company SIA “Gaujas koks” has donated one million euros to support Ukraine, informs the company.

The company has published a payment order confirming that “Gauja koks” on Monday transferred one million euros to the charity fund “” in support of Ukraine.

Vitalijs Chmihovs, the owner of “Gauja Tree”, emphasizes that all Latvians must now forget about personal comfort and “get up” in order to defend such human values ​​as justice, conscience, goodness and humanism.

At the same time, Chmihov points out that the company will rent apartments and guest houses for the accommodation and maintenance of Ukrainian refugees.

“Of course, this can affect the development of companies, but today it is more important to overcome evil with good – deeds, attitudes and actions,” says the head of the company.

The company “Gaujas koks” was registered in 1991 and its share capital is 1,558,044 euros. The sole owner of the company is Chmihov.

Other companies have also made donations to Ukraine.

JSC “SAF Tehnika” informs that the board of the company has decided to make a donation in the amount of 100,000 euros to support the Ukrainian army.

Pension manager INDEXO supports the people of Ukraine by donating 10,000 euros to the initiative created on the platform, as well as will continue not to invest in financial instruments related to Russia. INDEXO will also follow the calls for help from Latvian state institutions, the public and international assistance services to see what other practical assistance INDEXO could provide.

In solidarity with Ukraine and its people, the largest chain of construction, repair and household goods stores in the Baltic States, Kesko Senukai, has donated 100 thousand euros in support of the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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The company stops advertising on Russian media channels in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and has suspended purchases of goods of Russian origin. “We show solidarity with the Ukrainian people and Ukrainians by showing respect and support in this situation,” said a spokesman for Kesko Senukai.

EY (formerly Ernst & Young) will donate € 100,000 to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine, which will be used for humanitarian aid, first psychosocial care and first aid. EY in the Baltics will also provide shelter and jobs for Ukrainian colleagues and their families.

AS DelfinGroup will donate 100,000 euros to support Ukraine and calls on other companies to actively support the victims of the war. The company will donate money to two Ukrainian support initiatives: 70,000 euros will be donated within the framework of the Entrepreneurs for Peace movement started by technology companies, and 30,000 euros to the initiative for the people of Ukraine.

As part of the Entrepreneurs for Peace initiative launched by the Eco Baltia group of environmental management and waste recycling companies, Ukraine has donated 100,000 euros to Ukraine for the purchase of much-needed items – war kits, specialized dry food and fuel – in cooperation with the Ukrainian Embassy in Riga. The group of companies also plans to implement a number of other support activities to support the people of Ukraine and to continue financial support.

In addition to the one-time donation to support Ukraine, the Eco Baltia Group is developing an action plan to provide long-term support to the Ukrainian people. It has now been decided that the group’s companies will donate 50,000 euros every month for at least the next three months to take part in a joint effort to help the Ukrainian people at this difficult time.