László Márkus, who is only 58 years old and has leukemia, died in the hands of János Gálvölgyi

László Márkus was only 58 years old when he was captivated by his death – his partner, János Gálvölgyi, was there when his role model, the great actor, closed his eyes forever.

A man who lived exclusively and exclusively for his profession

Kossuth and three-time Jászai Mari Prize-winning actor, worthy and excellent artist – he was László Márkus, who preferred to sit in cinemas as a child as a child, so he was not a very good student, so he continued his studies in several institutes after being dismissed. him from his first high school. He had his first theatrical experience in Uncle Lakner’s children’s theater, where he performed as a performer, but he could hardly speak from the lampshade, so it was not the most uplifting moment of his life – yet he became one of the greatest Hungarian actors despite his difficult beginnings and origins. So his perseverance, diligence, and talent brought him success, but as we’ve reported before, his private life was less balanced and clear than his career. Love didn’t interest him, he just lived for acting, and several also rumored that he was attracted to men, but it turned out that this wasn’t true: Mark was diagnosed with a disorder in boys that made the actor asexual by adulthood. However, this condition was not as severe as it came to light in the autumn of 1975: it was then that he showed the first symptoms of incurable leukemia, which eventually led to his death 13 years later – János Gálvölgyi was on the scene when his good friend and colleague died, Márkus’s birthday and on that occasion the actor recalled that fateful, sad day again.

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