Late Late responds to the publication of the Müller report


"Say what you want about this president, he lets the Americans read again," Kimmel said to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" From ABC. on Thursday evening.

Kimmel said that the "most explosive part" of the report was when the president said that the appointment of Müller would be the end of his presidency and that he was "crappy".

"Of course he was wrong, it was not the end of his presidency, and it's us who make it," said Kimmel. "[Trump] I also said, "that's the worst thing that ever happened to me," and I assume that Donald Jr. is born. "

As for the report's multiple editors, NBC Moderator "Late Night," Seth Meyers joked, "Well, it's official, the Mueller report is out … and also the printer."

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Meyers dismantled the report in a 15-minute "Closer Look" segment.

"They said the miller report will come out forever," Meyers said. "Indeed, true story, when they found these 20,000-year-old cave paintings in France, one of them just said," Mueller is done? "

Meyers also verbally abused Attorney General William Barr's press conference that took place prior to the release of the report.

"God, halfway through the press conference, I expected Barr to tear off his mask, revealing that it was Trump all the time," the host joked.

Meyers also ridiculed the fact that the report was presented to Congress on CD-ROM and asked, "Was it a report or did you just send a mix-tape to Congress?"

Stephen Colbert joined the rest of late-night TV and joked about Thursday's Late Show report.

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"Until this morning, nobody knew what was involved," said Colbert, holding a printout of the report. "Congress had not read it, and obviously Bill Barr had not read it because it's crazy here."

Colbert also mentioned that it was not fair that Barr was criticized for his press conference. Some in the media said he acts almost like Trump's lawyer.

"OK, that's not fair," said Colbert. "If Bill Barr were the president's lawyer, he would be in jail now."



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