“Lateral thinking 711” – Thomas Berthold wants to continue: “do not regret anything”

Thomas Berthold is one of the German football legends who became world champions in Italy in 1990. The former defender appeared on a questionable demonstration on Saturday – and he wants to continue.

Football world champion Thomas Berthold appeared on Saturday at a demonstration by corona deniers in Stuttgart. In a speech he sharply criticized the federal government for its measures against the pandemic. He later vehemently defended his appearance and announced that he would continue to speak publicly.

According to the police, several hundred people gathered in downtown Stuttgart. The long-time national player, who won the title with the DFB-Elf in Italy in 1990, stepped in T-Shirt of the alliance “lateral thinking 711”, as pictures showed. The organizers have called nationwide for demonstrations against the corona measures and were also behind the controversial rally last weekend in Berlin, at which thousands of people did not wear masks and did not comply with the rules of distance.

In his speech, Berthold said, among other things, that his trust in the political leadership had “fallen below zero. Because we are being polluted with speculations by one or two scientists or representatives of the RKI and our lives are being restricted. I want us to getting old life back. ” The ex-defender continued: “Each of you can decide for yourself whether to put on a mask or leave the mask at home.”

On Saturday, Berthold had already defended his appearance against the “Bild am Sonntag”: “I am neither with conspiracy theorists nor with right-wing populists, I just said my opinion about the government’s measures.” On Sunday he added to the SID: “I have no regrets, definitely not, the response was far too positive and the topic far too important.” At the same time he announced another public appearance: “I will also take part in the planned demonstration on August 29 in Berlin.”

Not the first time that Berthold had noticed

Berthold had already attracted attention in the past with at least questionable views. In an advertisement for a bookseller in 1999, Berthold, who was still active at the time, had named a conspiracy-theoretical book by a notorious anti-Semite as his “favorite specialist book”.

Even if he denies this, Berthold at least accepted with his appearance in Stuttgart that he would be associated with conspiracy ideologues. The 55-year-old recently wanted to run for a place on the supervisory board of his former club VfB Stuttgart (225 competitive games). It is quite possible that he has now disqualified himself for every function in professional football with his appearance in front of corona deniers, anti-Semites and right-wing extremists.


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