Latest Age Requirements for Making a SIM in Indonesia All

JAKARTA, – Driving License (SIM) is a mandatory requirement for drivers in Indonesia. The owner of the SIM indicates that he is competent to drive the vehicle on the highway.

Besides having to be able to drive, the age of the SIM applicant also has a minimum limit. This has been regulated in Police Regulation Number 5 of 2021 concerning Issuance and Marking of SIM Article 3 Paragraph 2, SIM is classified into several types. First there is SIM A, SIM B, SIM C, and SIM D.

SIM A is valid for driving a car, both private and public (Sim A General). Meanwhile, SIM B is used to drive vehicles weighing more than 3,500 kg, such as buses or trucks.

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Then for SIM C, it is used to drive a motorbike. Currently SIM C has been divided into three, SIM C for motorcycles up to 250 cc engine capacity, SIM CI for 250 cc and above to 500 cc, and SIM CII for motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of above 500 cc.

Lastly, SIM D is valid for driving a motorized vehicle specifically for persons with disabilities. SIM D is equivalent to SIM C class and SIM DI is equivalent to SIM A.

Each SIM class mentioned above has a different minimum age requirement. As written in Perpol No. 5 of 2021 Article 8 as follows:

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– 17 (seventeen) years for SIM A, SIM C, SIM D and

– 18 (eighteen) years for CI SIM;

– 19 (nineteen) years for SIM CII;

– 20 (twenty) years for general SIM A and SIM BI;

– 21 (twenty one) years for BII SIM;

– 22 (twenty two) years for general BI SIM; and

– 23 (twenty three) years for a general BII SIM.


Polda Metro Jaya has started to conduct psychological tests or psychological tests as a condition for making and extending SIM A and SIM C.

Kombes Pol Sambodo Purnomo Yogo, Director of Traffic at the Polda Metro Jaya, said the Polda Metro Jaya had conducted a psychological test for two weeks and the results were quite good.

“Quite well and smoothly, hopefully with this psychological test we can reduce the number of accidents due to human error,” he told, Wednesday (2/3/2022).

Sambodo said, there are several reasons why this psychological test needs to be done for SIM applicants. In terms of road safety, one’s psychology is also important.

“The practical exam can only describe skills. While a person’s psychology when driving, can only be described as a psychological exam,” said Sambodo, to recently.

An online theory test using the e-AVIS application at the Metro Jaya Police SIM SATPAS, Jalan Daan Mogot, West Jakarta.Dock. SATPAS SIM Polda Metro Jaya An online theory test using the e-AVIS application at the Metro Jaya Police SIM SATPAS, Jalan Daan Mogot, West Jakarta.

Sambodo said that his party would cooperate with a third party to carry out the psychological test. Like from HIMPSI and others, and don’t miss a recommendation from Kappa Psi.

“So this is simpler, there are only four, reaction test, endurance test, and so on. Now we are testing theory, practice, and health,” said Sambodo.

In addition, psychological tests are actually already written in the law. Drivers who wish to obtain a driver’s license must be physically and mentally healthy.

“So far, it is stated in the law that fulfilling the requirements for being physically and mentally healthy, physically healthy has been checked so far. But being spiritually healthy requires a psychological examination,” he said.

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