The people of Egypt: The artist Hadi al-Jayyar, launched a sharp attack on the media Tawfiq Okasha, the presenter of the program "Egypt Today" broadcast on the channel "life" because of his comments about the most successful artists in one of the episodes, and talk that their wages exceed millions of pounds.

Al-Jayyar said during a phone call with the program "90 minutes" on the channel "axis": "You are comparing the wages of artists with the simple factor .. You want Ay, I want people to repeat the artists and you hold your cam with the channel of life .. And the salary of your presence in the season Kam? .. Medicine The latest news Hadi al-Jayyar attacks Tawfiq Okasha: "You are in the tens of millions" (video)) Moved by a search engine Egypt 24 and was transferred as it is from the source (the people of Egypt), and does not cross From the point of view of the site and not the editorial policy, but the responsibility of the news and its validity rests on the original publisher, the people of Egypt.



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