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Latin American Presidents demonstrate their support for Guaidó

Cúcuta, Colombia

The opponent Juan Guaidó, recognized by half a hundred governments as interim president of Venezuela, arrived unexpectedly this Friday at the concert held on the Colombian side of the border despite an order of justice related to Chavez that prevented him from leaving the country.

An AFP team saw the Venezuelan leader, with a white shirt, surrounded by policemen and with his fist held high.

Guaidó met with the Colombian president, Iván Duque, near the stage where the show called in favor of the entry of essential aid to Venezuela from this weekend is made from early.

Multitudinal concert "Venezuela Live Aid" in Cúcuta, Colombia.

On Thursday Guaidó had left Caracas in a caravan to the border area, one of the points from where he intends to coordinate the entry of tons of aid donated by the United States and its allies to alleviate the severe crisis in the oil country.

The mandatary Nicolás Maduro He opposes this operation as a pretext for the beginning of a "military invasion" at the head of Washington.

After proclaiming himself interim president on January 23, Guaidó was under investigation by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) for "usurpation" of functions. The leader was prohibited from leaving Venezuelan territory.

At the moment it is unknown whether he entered with the help of any authority or if he did so through any of the illegal crossings or crossings that multiply along the 2,200 km border that divide the two countries.

Airplane part of the US Air Force with humanitarian aid for Venezuela.

Guaidó called for demonstrations on Saturday to accompany the caravans that would initially try to take out the aid stored in the border city of Cúcuta.



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