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Latin mother who killed members of her family sentenced

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  • He stabbed his entire family while they were sleeping
  • Her husband and four minor children died on the spot, only one girl survived
  • The Mexican mother was sentenced to life imprisonment for the multiple crime that is considered among the most violent in the country.

A Georgian Latina mother who killed five members of her family pleaded guilty today to the multiple crime, for which she was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Isabel Martinez, 35, of Mexican origin, reconfirmed before a state judge that it was she who took her life to stabbing her husband and four of their children, in one of the murders of children considered among the most violent in history. of the United States.

In the hearing of this day it was also evident that the woman had serious emotional problems, for which reason she was considered mentally incapable to face the death penalty, because otherwise she was a candidate for that punishment.

The tragedy that entangled an entire community occurred in a mobile home neighborhood in the city of Loganville, Gwinnett County.

In the hours of the July 6, 2017 march, the police called a woman who called 911, claiming that she had just killed her entire family.

When the authorities arrived at the house they realized that the woman, a native of Michoacán, had stabbed while sleeping her five children, between 2 and 10 years old, four of whom died on the spot.

In that lamentable misfortune Martín Romero, who was the woman's husband for almost a decade, also died stabbing.

Diana Romero, then 9 years old miraculously survived the massacre even though she received several serious injuries in various parts of her body.

"I do not think she is a criminal, but I think she had gone mad," she explained at that moment. WorldHispanic a relative of the victims who requested anonymity.

The source told this newspaper that since Martinez's father died in Mexico, she went into depression to the point that she had very unusual reactions.

"It is said that the lord was a sorcerer back in Mexico and she began to say that this is why she was in hell and one day during a rosary when she was praying, she burned her hands with the candle because she said that with that sacrifice she would help his father to leave where he was, "the informant narrated.

The source maintained that before these strange events occurred in the home of the Romero-Martínez, the family was relatively normal.

"They argued like everyone else, but they did not attack each other, nor did they mistreat the children. Both were good parents, you could tell they loved each other a lot and she was a faithful devotee of Catholicism, she went to church often, "he said.

During an interview that the state authorities made to the assina in the Gwinnett County jail, she denied being the murderer and maintained that the one who destroyed her home by killing her children and partner was an old friend of the family, to whom He could not identify.

When the investigators insisted that he say his name, he told them: "They will soon discover him."

However, the police never doubted her guilt, she was the one who confessed the massacre to the operator of 911 and later, her own daughter who survived the attack denounced her and said that before stabbing her, her mother told her that "soon I would go to heaven to be reunited with Jesus ", to which she replied between tears" I did not want that. "


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