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Moscow (Urdu Point Newspaper Latest. Jan 29, 2023) Despite obvious political chaos after two military coups. Burkina Faso In 2022, teen activists in the West African country explained to Sputnik why they largely supported political changes they considered hostile. FranceThe colonial effects of.

He grew up in Bobo-Dioulasso, a city known as the economic and cultural capital. Burkina Faso, Abdulsalam Kosobe was lucky to be able to follow his passion and become a director of cultural projects. He did different things. the film Productions, he participated in the film He participated in festivals and cultural events.

However, also many adolescents People in the West African country today, Kosobe actively advocated for social justice issues, particularly long-standing issues. From Over 60 Years of French Colonialism.

«I have been interested in the social, cultural and political issues of my colonial African state for more than 10 years. I am an activist. World,” he told Sputnik Kosobe, who is in his 30s.

As a country that experienced two military coups in 2022, Burkina Faso faced many uncertainties amid the political crisis. but that’s why teenagers For local activists like Kosobe, the political turmoil in the country represented the younger generation’s demand for change, and military coups had broad public support.

“Recent events force us to revisit history, when this country experienced a progressive military regime that changed its destiny forever. From 1983-1987. We dare to believe and hope that the current authorities are working on it. That is leadership, even if it is admitted that the imperialist methods of coercion do not facilitate this task. Personally, I hope so. From The reality is that it is the younger generation, especially the ones that are out there. school and excluded from the government system, which is currently leading a rebellion against Western influence and indigenous regimes.”

In 1983, Thomas Sankara, a leftist and pan-Africanist officer, led a military coup in the country when it was still known as the Republic of Upper Volta. Under his anti-imperialist agenda, Sankara introduced a series of progressive reforms aimed at ending the hegemony of French colonial power and addressing social inequality. He changed the name of the country. From From Upper Volta Burkina Faso Which means “Land of the Mandatory”.

As one of the most charismatic revolutionary leaders of the time, Sankara was often referred to as the “Che Guevara (famous revolutionary) of Africa.” From South America)” by his followers.

For many teenagers and Burkina Faso people, military coups in January and September 2022 brought back memories of Sankara’s efforts to eradicate colonial influence. From France in the country.

We are a race of people who want to feel equal to other people. Education, health, economy and affirmation of our identity. However, our rulers, who are local slaves of imperialism, cannot fulfill our wishes. This is the origin of the crisis,” Kosobe said.

gave teens The activist explained how the country’s previous leaders, who supposedly came to power through democratic elections, failed.

“Power is in the hands of a few, while the communities are manipulated and exploited. We have been facing this for more than two decades. It is the incompetence of democratically elected rulers, which has led to corruption, mismanagement and nepotism. This is what led to the revolt that was welcomed by ordinary people who don’t want any more of these ‘pseudo-intellectual’ elites and politicians,” he said.

As has happened in the neighboring countries of West Africa after the political changes of recent years, one of the main demands of the new government I Burkina Faso had to ask France to call its troops from the country.

The French Foreign Ministry said this on Wednesday. France planned to withdraw its troops. From Burkina Faso The following month, following ongoing protests against its military presence in the West African country. The move follows a similar withdrawal of French troops last year. From a financial neighbor, where two military coups occurred in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

As Burkina Faso’s northern part of the country has been fighting Islamist insurgents in recent years, Western analysts are concerned that the withdrawal of French troops sent to fight the rebels could further destabilize the security situation in the region.

However, other activists supporting the pan-African movement argued that it was time for West African countries to take their fates into their own hands.

“I wonder what happened? financial has had the greatest impact. Burkina Faso With transfer Government Reaffirming its position against the French army. I think the purpose of the vision is to unite many pan-Africans,” Anim Richardson, coordinator of the Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso-based Revolutionary Party of African Peoples, told Sputnik.

The activist explained why many African countries have started to take a more proactive stance on migration. Political and economic influence of European countries that colonized the continent.

“I think people also know that, right now, we’re looking at a World That’s change. for a long time, Mundo was especially dominant. United States and its allies, including United Europe Countries This is what has prevailed Burkina Faso Economy and benefit From Not only Burkina Faso’s resources but also General Africa. Much of our history is connected to colonialism and imperialism. I think the ultimate goal is for more African countries to leave the Western field or influence. They can be linked together. I think this is a form of Africa. Unity,” Richardson said.

When there were military coups in various West African countries, e.g. financial or Burkina FasoIn recent years, a large number of Western media outlets speculated about the involvement of the Wagner Group, a private rental team. From Russia.

As a result of increased Chinese investment in Africa in recent years, the continent has also faced accusations of bringing a new form of colonialism.

But for Richardson, like the history of new partners Russia or Porcelain remain different from Western countries that directly colonized the continent.

«Give World African resources are needed. I am aware of it. I That’s Time, I don’t think so. Russia, Porcelain or Iran maintains That’s Long colonial history with African countries. I’m not sure it’s That’s it. I’ll believe it when I see it. Russian or Chinese A military-backed coup to overthrow a leader. So far, I don’t think it’s fair to say there are two sides. That’s Coin Right now, I don’t think most people are worried. Russia or Porcelain Trying to take over. Africa,” she said.

Although Richardson is an African American born in California, she moved here. Burkina Faso About a year and a half ago.

“One of the things we strongly believe in is that unless Africa is free, nowhere African. Mundo will ever be released or respected. The way we see it is this: we need to establish a home free and free from imperialism.”

Kosobe, a local worker from Burkina Faso, also emphasized the importance of Africa’s increasingly independent role in the global system.

“We talk about globalization, what exactly is it? AfricaDe Share it in this globalization? Can’t we contribute? Or are the consequences of slavery, colonialism and current colonialism holding us back? From while doing it? Actually, we adolescents Africans want to learn to do things on their own without help or support.

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