Latvia becomes the first country of the European Union to reopen…

Latvia is the first country in the European Union to go back into lockdown due to dramatic corona figures. The Baltic country is struggling with a rapidly increasing number of infections. Hospitals are in danger of becoming overloaded.

Things are going from bad to worse in Latvia. The country has the highest number of infections per capita in the world in the past week. There are 2,204 new infections every day. The Latvians are therefore forced to close bars and shops for four weeks. There will also be a curfew and distance learning will resume for students. Working from home is mandatory for most employees. 1.9 million inhabitants of the EU will therefore again have to deal with a lockdown.

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In Latvian hospitals, care is again being postponed due to the large influx of covid patients. Only half of the Latvian population is fully vaccinated. The Baltic country lags behind the European average (74 percent).

At the neighbors

Neighboring Estonia does not rule out similar measures and neighboring Poland is also considering drastic steps. In Lithuania, major news websites have decided not to allow reader comments on articles about Covid-19 vaccines. It is an attempt to contain conspiracy theories. The websites denounce the “wrong, unsubstantiated information disseminated by antivaxers.”


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