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Latvian Defense Ministry accuses Russians of sending letters defaming his head

The Latvian Defense Ministry called the mailing of fake letters on behalf of its head an attempt to discredit the Latvian army in the public eye. The defense Ministry also saw in the campaign "elements of espionage"

Artis Pabriks

(Photo: Virginia Mayo / AP)

The unknown, who sent fake letters signed by the Minister of Defense of Latvia Artis Pabriks to the email addresses of the Latvian state institutions, tried to discredit both the minister and the department he headed. This was stated by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Latvia.

The ministry stressed that the letters, on behalf of the minister, told how he took part in some “ambiguous entertainment” in one of the bars in Riga, were sent from Russian servers. The Defense Ministry also noted that on that day Pabriks was not at all in Riga, as he had participated in the security conference in Munich.

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“I can only guess what deserved such attention – whether critical interviews of the Russian radio station Echo of Moscow, or too active work at the Munich security conference”, – the words of Pabriks himself are cited.

The Latvian Defense Ministry also noted the presence in the campaign with the distribution of "elements of espionage," because its organizers had the opportunity to find out from which IP addresses they viewed letters.



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