Launch of a residency program in the United States for African artists

The Villa Albertine, a French cultural services artist residency modeled on the Villa Medici in Italy, was created in the United States in 2021. Its center is based in New York, but residencies can be organized in ten cities American altogether. An African residency program has just been launched with five artists from the continent selected to come and spend two months in the United States.

With our correspondent in New York, Carrie Nooten

They are five, recognized for their work on the African continent, from exploring on American territory. Ethiopian curator Missla Libsekal, South African choreographer Jay Pather, Nigerian producer Judith Okonkwo, Senegalese-Togolese and French astrophysicist Caroline Gueye and Moroccan director Bahia Bencheikh el-Fegoun.

For two months, the young woman will access two neuroscience labs in Texas… and above all, at NASA. Its purpose is to decide on the usefulness of a creative program to integrate into the training of astronauts.

Witches on Wall Street

Bahia Bencheikh el-Fegoun did not take his camera. The Moroccan director comes to carry out an investigation: to find women, witches » which would have cast a spell on Wall Street in the 1960s. And appreciates benefiting from this somewhat offbeat residence: « This is the first one I’ve attended. It’s an immense comfort and a great opportunity to be able to do the best, work at the best and devote yourself fully to this research. »

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