eElectric Vehicle Business Bird opens in the UK when it enters service on Tuesday at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The start-up allows customers to rent electric scooters by picking them up off the lane. The scooters cost € 1 to unlock and then 20p per minute for the ride. As soon as a customer arrives at the destination, he can stop the journey and leave the scooter on the sidewalk.

E-scooter companies can not drive on public roads in the UK due to a combination of restrictive transportation laws, including the Highway Act 1835.

The Transportation Department is currently advising in the UK on the future of transportation. It is expected that on-demand scooters will be considered.

Bird will be able to serve in the Olympic Park, as the park is on private land and creates its own rules for the use of its footpaths and roads.

During the trial, the Bird scooters are confined to the park and can not operate beyond their borders. The drivers are also limited to driving between 7 and 21 clock on a well-traveled route through the park to the local offices.

Bird UK chief Richard Corbett said the company intends to use the Olympia Park process to obtain data on how British customers use the scooters.



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