Launch of the book «Fair taxes for the Chile that comes»

Launch of the book “Fair taxes for the Chile to come”

  • Wednesday, November 24 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Via Facebook.

Taxes are the key to financing the State, but they also reveal our condition as citizens, the contributions we make as part of a political community, and the role we grant to the state, that is, the very foundations of the fiscal pact.

This book addresses the different facets of the tax discussion with the multiple approaches offered by the social sciences, including new distributive estimates, discussions of political philosophy, public opinion data, historical and political economy analyzes, as well as proposals for legal and digital reforms. , environmental and economic.

This seeks to expose the learnings of the past, the diagnoses of the present and the challenges for the future to have fair taxes and a more active State in reducing inequality. Although focused on Chilean society, the book contributes to democratize the dialogue on taxes with new debates and perspectives of great interest and validity for all of Latin America.

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