Launch of the Honer 10 phone in the Egyptian market

Launch of the Honer 10 phone in the Egyptian market

Honer today launched its new smartphone, Honor 10, in the Egyptian market under the slogan “Beauty in Intelligence Artificial “. The phone features two new technologies, The first is AI2.0 advanced artificial intelligence technology which appears Mainly in the dual camera phone, the second is the design of colors, materials and touches The ultimate in the device, which includes a back made of 3D glass with a stunning optical nanoparticle which consists of 15 layers of bright color. The Honor 10 will be available for purchase at EGP 8199 From today on the site of Jomia and the banner of and Mobile Shop. Chris San Paigong, vice president, said “Prior to 2016, smart phones were mostly smart phones,” says Honer in the Middle East and Africa Three colors are black, white and golden, but Honer launched the blue color in general 2016 and gray color 2017 and now launches the wonderful color “Aurora” which represents A real breakthrough in smartphone design. ” “We believe that the recipe for success Very simple: Give consumers a really good product! This is what we all are doing at Honer hard to achieve every day. But we do not stop just when making good hardware, but want to contribute to devising a style A renewed life for young people around the world, as we listen to them, present the ideas around them, We encourage them. They are our inspiration. ” And through innovative and strategic devices Concentrated and accurate, Honer continues to lead the sector to rank first in the phone markets In China, while rapidly expanding in the rest of the world. It is worth mentioning that the mark has registered growth By 100% in foreign markets since its inception, while this year alone witnessed a phone Honor 7X on three awards of great means The most prestigious media in the Middle East, including the “Best Smartphone at Less Than $ 400 this year “from Stav Middle East and” Best Display Screen Full price “from the” T3 Middle East “and” the best smartphone at a price Less than AED 1,000 “from Middle East Radar. The integration of products has contributed Winning and broad partnerships in different markets. Source URL for the news

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