Launch of Winkyverse, the first metaverse to introduce children to the technologies of the future

Mainbot, a French start-up incubated at the École Polytechnique, launched its ICO – for Initial coin offering — a kind of fundraising with its own cryptocurrency in order to continue the development of its educational robot, “Winky” and to create a metaverse, the Winkyverse, which will introduce children to the technologies of the future through an entire blockchain ecosystem.

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Metaverse here, metaverse there. It’s simple, we’ve only been talking about that for a few months. A French start-up incubated at Polytechnique, Mainbot, has just announced the creation of its own metavers, the Winkyverse. His ambition: to create a universe digital to introduce children to still little-known technologies such as blockchain, the cryptomonnaie or even the NFT. The Winkyverse will benefit from its own cryptocurrency – the Winkies – and use blockchain technology from l’ethereum. Only Winkies will be accepted as a method of payment. The start of a real ecosystem.

This cryptocurrency – Winkies – was the subject of a first emission from tokens October 25 (in English ICO for Initial coin offering). To put it simply, it’s a kind of cryptocurrency fundraiser. To accompany this departure, Mainbot unveiled its first collection of 12,111 NFT, nicknamed the Winkybots. These non-fungible tokens are of particular importance, because they can be used in the Winkyverse in the form of an avatar and it will be possible to print them directly in 3D.

Develop skills

Mainbot doesn’t come out of nowhere. His robot educational, “Winky” is already available at several French retailers such as Fnac, Bon Marché and Natures et Découvertes. Basically, this robot is intended for teaching programming and basic code for children from 5 to 12 years old. The development of this metaverse accelerates the educational process desired by the company by combining a certain number of technological issues such as blockchain, NFT, augmented reality or artificial intelligence. The Winkyverse wishes to become a 3d digital world where users can interact, play and above all learn. Children will also have the opportunity to become digital entrepreneurs by creating and monetizing their own educational games.

The Winkyverse aims to become the first metaverse dedicated to Education. © The Winkyverse

Two modules will allow you to create the metaverse : Winkyplay and Winkymaker. Winkyplay will bring together hundreds of games developed by video game publishers, as well as games made by the community. These games aim to develop skills such as memory, logic, speed of execution and reactions. On the other hand, Winkymaker wants to offer the possibility for users to design accessories or styles for their avatar-robot. These creations can be transformed into NFT, then be sold directly on various marketplaces such as OpenSea or that of Coinbase. This extremely ambitious project around the metaverse is an exciting challenge. It remains to be seen whether the promises will come true.

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