Launching Google Skills to develop digital skills in the Arab world


Launching Google Skills to develop digital skills in the Arab world

4/17/2018 1:33:00 AM

Monday, April 16, 2018 (Dubai) – Announced the company Google Today announced the launch of the “Skills from Google “This is a free program in Arabic that aims to build digital skills in individuals and is part of the company’s efforts to help individuals in the Middle East and North Africa region to progress in their career and develop their business. Online and online training sessions to provide free training, tools and training courses for digital skills development for students, teachers, business owners and job seekers.
It provides a platform Available online 100 Lesson about 26 Is a key theme in digital marketing, including search engine marketing, social media and video marketing, as well as e-commerce and customer targeting based on their geographic location, ad analytics and other topics. Offers Google Trainees have a certificate after completing the program which takes about 9 Hours.
Matt Britten, Head of Commercial Operations, said: Google In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the company is pleased to launch the ‘Skills’ program from Google In the Middle East and North Africa region to help build the future of people involved in the labor market. “He added:” We offer this program free of charge in Arabic and accessible through any device. The program comes from the ‘skills of Google ‘To complete the 20-year-long process of developing programs and services that enhance communication between individuals and companies and help them succeed and evolve on the Internet. Therefore, we are proud to contribute to advancing digital growth in the Arab world. ”
Also signed company Google An agreement with the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Charity Foundation, “Misk Charity”, which will provide training for more than 100 A student in Saudi Arabia. Both will seek to ensure women’s participation in training programs 50% , As part of efforts to increase women’s contribution to the region’s economy. It works Google To build more partnerships with governments, universities, private sector companies and nonprofit organizations throughout the region with a view to expanding its program, “Skills from Google “He said.
“The MESC Foundation underscored the importance of this initiative and as an extension of the Foundation’s commitment to developing the skills of young people in the Kingdom, especially 21st century skills, to bring out a generation that meets the needs of the labor market, as well as to release the new generation of entrepreneurs,” commented Dimah Al Yahya, Executive Director of Innovation. Business and innovators. As digital skills are the cornerstone of this, this initiative comes to provide this at the level of the Kingdom through strategic partnership with Google And with the support of the participants and sponsors. ”
Besides, the company announced Google During the launching ceremony of the initiative , The philanthropic division of the company, will give a US $ 1 million to the regional non-profit organization Injaz Al Arab for training 100 A student at 14 From the Middle East and North Africa region, with special emphasis on young students in rural areas and in need.
“We are very pleased with the support of Injaz Al Arab,” said Akef Al Akrabawi, CEO of Injaz Al Arab. Google To enhance basic digital skills across the Middle East and North Africa region within the ” Google “This collaboration represents the joint vision of INJAZ AL ARAB and INJAZ Google To enhance the talents of young people, especially in rural and needy areas, and to enable them to seize successful opportunities for their future and encourage them to adopt Entrepreneurship thinking to succeed in their business. ”
According to a World Economic Forum research last year [1] , Will require one post out 5 Jobs in the Arab World Digital skills are not available today on a large scale. On the other hand, it is considered 51% Young people that unemployment is their first obsession believe 38% Of whom only stated that their course of study provided them with the necessary skills to engage in the labor market [2] . And includes the Middle East and North Africa region 30 A million educated, working-age women are able to use the Internet, representing the largest economic opportunity in the region today. Besides, women represent more than 50% Of university graduates [3] , But women contribute only to the labor market by a percentage 25% .
Lessons are available from “Skills from Google “On the platform New lessons will be added to the training course in the future.

[1] “The Future of Jobs and Skills in the Middle East and North Africa,” World Economic Forum, 2017

[2] House, the Millennium Generation in the Middle East

[3] World Bank, 2016


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