Laura Bozzo about to go to jail after international arrest warrant was issued in 195 countries

Laura Bozzo began conducting television shows in Peru, the country where she was born (Photo: Instagram @Laurabozzo)

Laura Bozzo’s situation is increasingly complicated, after Interpol issued a red location card against the Televisa host, who is wanted by Mexican authorities for tax evasion.

Diplomatic sources assured that the presenter of Talk Shows, is being wanted by 195 countries and that his arrest warrant would only be in a matter of hours.

According to the Mexican press, a federal judge earlier days ordered the arrest of Bozzo after being linked to a process for the sale of a property, which was seized by the Mexican tax authorities. The property guaranteed the payment of a tax debt for 12.7 million pesos (about $ 627.00).

This order demanded that Laura Bozzo be confined in the Santiaguito prison, however, the lawyer’s situation is further aggravated as she remains a fugitive from Mexican justice.

Let us remember that a few days ago, Laura Bozzo broke her silence and decided to communicate through social networks, where she said that she feels very affected by the situation, that she is not having a good time. In addition, He maintained that he will not go to jail and that whatever happens he will not leave the Aztec country.

“That is what I want my beloved, they have me doped by my depression, now I escaped and I was able to send this message. I want to end this, my daughters are selling my apartment in Acapulco and what must be paid is paid, but locked up impossible. I beg you, help me “wrote to a journalist from Mexico.

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‘The lawyer of the poor’ He assures that he regrets not complying with the Mexican justice system and added that in his health conditions, to appear in prison “would be a death sentence” due to the delicate state in which he is, according to what he claims.

Through her defense attorneys, it was revealed that she was apparently diagnosed with a severe pulmonary emphysema, as well as a diagnosed clinical depression, reasons why he did not appear from the beginning before the authorities.


A few days ago, the account of Instagram specialized in show themes ‘Instarándula’ shared a series of images of Laura Bozzo in a restaurant, where they were allegedly captured in the well-known Acapulco resort.

It should be remembered that with the red card issued by Interpol, the situation of Laura Bozzo it becomes more complicated and if you do not resolve your legal issues you could end up behind bars.

Remember that Laura Bozzo remains in hiding for more than a month and in the state she is in, she could hardly appeal to avoid going to prison.


The authorities reported in August 2021 that the driver had to present herself on her own to the Santiaguito Center for Prevention and Social Readaptation, in Almoloya, State of Mexico.

This stems from a couple of investigations and accusations against him. The first for the alleged tax evasion before the Tax Administration Service (SAT) for an amount of approximately 13 million pesos.

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In addition, it was classified by the authorities as “unfaithful depositary ”, after selling a property embargoed that ensured the payment of his debt to the SAT.

After being linked to the process, a justified precautionary measure of preventive detention was issued, since by not proving her address, it was considered a risk of flight. 48 hours later, Laura Bozzo did not show up for the appointment.


Laura Bozzo arrived in Mexico in 2009 from the hand of Azteca América, managing to air her first program in this country. “Laura de Todos ”for the Hispanic community in the United States, But then it was broadcast from the Ajusco television station until October 2010.

The format was practically the same as those already used by other television stations. One such show in which it was presumed to help families, especially women, in various aspects of their lives.

Remember that the television host could go to jail in an average of three to 9 years, as established by Mexican law.


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