Laura Bozzo and ‘El Potro’ are the first to kiss

The first kiss of season 2 The House of the Famous It was between Laura Bozzo and Luis Caballero, better known as ‘El Potro’. The memorable moment occurred when the members of the reality show happened at a party.

The members of the house were dancing and, in the midst of the fury, they began to shout: “Kiss of three”, and this finally ended up being only of two, between Laura and Foal.

“Now this is going to come out everywhere, you will see,” said Laura Bozzo after the moment.

Laura and Potro kiss in The House of the Famous

As expected, the video of the kiss is already circulating on all social networks and positive comments are appreciated in most of them, since Laura Bozzo It has been a lot of fun for all the fans of this Telemundo reality show.

Netizens considered her a fun and noble woman, contrary to what she has shown on her TV shows.

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Who is in The House of Famous 2022?

Niurka Marcos

Luis ‘Potro’ Knight

Laura Bozzo

Yvonne Montero

Nacho House

Natalia Alcocer

Brenda Zambrano

Mayeli Alonso (first eliminated)

Salvador Zerboni

John Vidal

Rafael Nieves

Daniella Navarro

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