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Laura Bozzo surprises when appearing in tight swimsuit (PHOTO)

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  • Laura Bozzo shocked to show off her curvaceous body with a sensual swimsuit that left little to the imagination
  • The users reacted in different ways to the photograph of the Peruvian presenter
  • Some attacked against him and others praised his figure

Laura Bozzo paralyzed the networks after showing her bulky charms in a tight suit that left little to the imagination and sparked the controversy.

The Peruvian again made his own by showing off his figure with a bold swimsuit to a single piece, but with a heart-stopping opening that left a lot of his attributes uncovered.

The postcard was published on the Instagram profile of the 67-year-old driver.

In the snapshot Laura appears inside a house, sitting in a chair that apparently is in front of a large stained glass window as it is perceived that the sun illuminates the body of the presenter.

Bozzo looks radiant, spreading his wide arms at a 45-degree angle while wearing wide sun glasses in red and shows his body encased in a yellow swimsuit with animal print in black and red letters.

It should be noted that the daring swimsuit only has a strap, leaving a shoulder and much of Laura's chest exposed, as well as his sculptural legs that do not seem to change over time.

To accompany the postcard, the Peruvian wrote: "Back from Chiapas to Acapulco. Very happy, better than ever. I love you, blessings and next week you will have news about me. "

In less than 7 hours, the scandalous photography of Laura Bozzo left behind almost 10 thousand 'likes' and a lot of comments.


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